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Thread: Placebo Effect!!!

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    Placebo Effect!!!

    I bought the "90 Day Guide to Astral Projection".

    I spent a couple of days on day one of the 90 day guide. I did not want to jump ahead, following the instruction manual to this thing. Balancing 4 jobs, 2 kids and this journey is tight-pressed. Then, the weirdest experience ever, just happened. While going to take a nap, listening to a hemi-sync CD about falling asleep to in the rain, I had something happen to me. As I drifted off to sleep, I woke up “in myself”. This is hard to explain in words. I felt awake and alert in my subconscious and partially connected to the “here”. I could feel my “astral body” move around inside my real body. I tried to lift up out of my body, but I felt held near my lower chest/stomach area. It was truly an amazing feeling and further shook the foundation of my societal belief system. I came downstairs, elated, expressing my experience with my wife. That night, I put on my headphones, listening to the CD again, and had another similar experience. After a few nights of the same experience, I realized that I can pretty much get to the point of vibrations and noise and lifting up/falling sensations naturally. Of course, at that point, I could not help but read ahead. I skipped around to where my “intuition” leads me, so to speak. Something I have been doing since I realized a ton of synchronicities within the past few months. But, that would be a topic to long and involved on this topic.

    Anyway, I know I am very close. I tried to follow some ideas to "increase my energy" before I lay down for a nap, and wow, I thought I was close before. I had more intense vibrations again. I felt myself "pulling out" very strong. I just never separated. I can always get the vibrations, but now I see the intensity is directly related to positive affirmations and energy raising before you hit the trance state. I had three half hour attempts and each time, the vibrations, noise and other sensations were intense. As I read more, learn more and apply it, I feel as if I get closer and closer. However, I just can’t project out. Getting there is easy, getting out is the tough part. My intuition is telling me that I will not be able to project, until I clear something.

    I guess I am going to have to touch on the synchronicities a bit to explain this before I get to my questions. There are a ton of things that have happened to lead me to believe that the book was a placebo for me. After learning more from the book and this site, I realized that most of the energy raising, trance training etc… I had been doing for a long time. These synchronicities click in as I read. That may be why it is so easy for me to get to that point. OBE is only a part of what I think my intuition is leading me to do in my big quest. Many syncs lead me to believe that there was possibly a past-life trying to push me through to something. I had a past-life regression session, where I learned that I was a scientist back in the time of Atlantis, and had created an invention that would have impacted the world in a positive way for all time. I was captured by the Baliel (Spelling) or self indulgent movement. They tortured me, tried to erase my mind and killed me. I know this sounds hokey-pokey, it does to me too, but my intuition is pushing me so hard with constant syncs that last few months, that I have to at least try to keep an open mind. I am going to do another past-life regression session with another person who was suggested to me by one of the people handing me syncs unintentionally. Anyway, this is why I bring this up. One thing that I don’t feel could have been suggested to me or parlor tricks during the past-life regression session, were the physical manifestations/feelings I felt while experiencing my past torture and death. I had the feeling of something clamped across my face at the bridge of the nose down. It was a mask or device, which may have been what the practitioner said was the “helmet” that was being used to try to erase my mind. According to the practitioner, they did not succeed, and I stored this invention information “somewhere.” I get this same pressure/feeling when trying to project. I try to heal it and tear it away with my astral hands, but I can still feel it when lucid. This “idea” that I am born-again Atlinean, may be why most of the ideas behind this and Rieki were so natural for me, without any effort on my part and having done many things like energy raising and trance conditioning without ever realizing it.

    Now, this is all kind-of hard for me to speak about, because due to my profession, I don’t want to get Baker Acted. LOL…. I have a few questions that may be able to be answered here.

    Is it possible to Astral Project back to a past life, like the one that may have been to gain information?

    Can you project while listening to the Brain Wave Generator or Hemi Sync CD? With ear buds or noise canceling earphones?

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    I'll cut to the questions:
    Is it possible to Astral Project back to a past life, like the one that may have been to gain information?
    Well, IMO the past, present and future are happening simultaneously, we just perceive it linearly due to our temporal existence in the material world, so in essence our higher selves or our projections are already in the past, present and future, and what we do when we project is connect to that possible version or ourselves that is present in the material or astral or akashic planes. Of course this would be in theory- in practice many factors are in play here, including degree of mastery and also (theoretically and possibly karmic factors that may not allow it). It is also my opinion that a past life regression is as much a projection into your past lives as a guided projection is a projection into the astral. The difference would be in degrees of involvement, control and depth. But then these are my opinions.
    Can you project while listening to the Brain Wave Generator or Hemi Sync CD? With ear buds or noise canceling earphones?
    I have never projected while listening to them, but I know of several members that have partially separated while listening to the BWGen. I know Tempest had some mind-blowing experiences while at the Monroe institute, although I don't know the particulars, or if she was listening to any hemi-sync at the time.
    I'm not sure if noise-canceling earphones are a good idea, because it is my understanding that the frequency differences caused by the different tones may be removed when the 'noise' is taken out, and then synchronization wouldn't happen. But I'm not an expert in this field. Maybe Brian or someone else can answer this better than me.
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    Justice Guest
    Thank you for your answers/opinion. As for the first question. You somehow made sense to me very simply...

    AS for the second, when I say noise canceling, I mean the kind that fit around your ears as to block other sounds, not headphones designed to tamper with the output.

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