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Thread: Life-time energy

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    Life-time energy

    To be not mistaken with the life sustaining energy (qi), life-time energy is something completely different. They both however in the end are combined. Important is however to differentiate them.

    The life-time energy tells what results you will get in your life. Where you put attention, energy (life-time energy type), thoughts and effort.
    Life sustaining energy (qi) is what the asian excercises are about.

    People do not realize the importance of life-time energy.

    When you use it in one direction, the other directions often suffer. Too much energy put on wealth, and other areas of your life won't recieve enough (life-time) energy to work the right way. Too much energy on art, and you will as well loose in other areas. Too much energy on sex... and so on.

    There are ways to increase this life-time energy (power of thoughts sorts of things), helping to achieve your goals faster. However, after all it all comes to dividing this energy into multiple directions.

    That's why it's important to use creative powers consciously with the balanced awareness of how it affect the other areas of your life.

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    Re: Life-time energy

    Like 8 snakes extending in a star shape - life time energy can be used intelligently. Your soul is alone!

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    Re: Life-time energy

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Like 8 snakes extending in a star shape - life time energy can be used intelligently. Your soul is alone!
    I always thought that this 8 number, of which each line extended to infinity, related rather to the cosmos rather than a human being life? Being human (microcosm) means closing infinity in the finite form - ideally; cosmic extension (macrocosm), on the other hand, refers to the cosmic alchemy

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