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    sono Guest


    Has anyone heard of taping a magnet to the forehead to encourgae psychic development and astral projection? I read about it recently and am going to try it. . . . .

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    Have a look at This Thread or this one for more info about magnets. they would seem to be beneficial in a variety of situations.
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    Magnetism is an extremely intriguing phenomenon, particularly in how it interacts with superconductors. Check this video out you'll see what I mean:

    Seeing a high temperature superconductor being cooled with liquid nitrogen, and then how the magnet interacts with it is a fascinating example, especially with the knowledge that space is much colder than liquid nitrogen, and that many moons, planets, and even stars, have strong magnetic fields.

    It certainly is enough to inspire some thought on what forces are really causing what we're observing, regarding gravity vs magnetism. Scientists have been aware of superconductivity and how magnets interact with superconducting materials but have yet to formulate a theory fully explaining the phenomenon.

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    Someone posted that video before. Again I'm not sure of the point being made. There's no apparent effect at room temp, but cooling the piece in the bowl then brings magnetism? It's certainly an interesting piece, but a more complete explanation would be nice. 'Forming a diamagnetic field' doesn't really explain to me why it's levitation rather than magnetic repulsion.

    But I share your fascination with magnetics - they defy the laws of conservation of energy & probably satisfy the perpetual motion idea.
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    sono Guest


    Thanks to everyone for the prompt responses!

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    Journyman, you didn't get the whole story behind the video. Did you read what I posted about superconductors? The cold does not cause the black material to become magnetic, it causes it to become a superconductor. Two apposing magnets do not cause levitation unless there are other forces involved, such as gyroscopic forces. This particular video illustrates a feature of superconducting materials, called the Meissner effect.

    The Meissner effect (or Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect) is the effect by which a weak magnetic field decays rapidly to zero in the interior of a superconductor. The distance to which the field is active is known as the London penetration depth. This active exclusion of magnetic fields is distinct from perfect diamagnetism. It is seen that the magnetic field will be zero inside the material in the superconducting state regardless of what it was before the material became superconducting. It was discovered by Walther Meißner and Robert Ochsenfeld in 1933. The Meissner effect is one of the defining features of superconductivity, and its discovery served to establish that the onset of superconductivity is a phase transition.
    For a more in depth explanation, take a look here:

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