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    Peter19 Guest

    the map program -

    hello all,

    just a few basic questions really. when you do the table like - relaxation 5 mins, breathing 5 mins, energy work 15 ect, is it best (if you can) to do it all in one sitting?. so that on sometimes it could take you an hour or two.

    the reason i ask that question is im onto day 36 i think and what normally happens is ill do the relaxation breathwork and primary centre stimulation and what happens with me is when i get to me throat, brow, crown chakras i sort of get less inspired and semi bored so there for
    ifi continued onto the trance and bounce looseing it would be pritty half baked and doing it just for the reason of doing it.

    so is it best doing it all at once if poss or if you are feeling abit bored ect take a break and do whats left to do later on in the day?.


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    so is it best doing it all at once if poss or if you are feeling abit bored ect take a break and do whats left to do later on in the day?.
    Yep. If I remember correctly, some things are optional, some 'mandatory' (in a do-it-yourself system there is no such thing as mandatory, but you know what I mean).
    What you are doing is getting used to a routine, which later on you will modify to your own needs, but in the beginning, sticking to it is best because you will train yourself to do things in order, and some things will resonate with you more than others, but it will have you doing things in a certain order, which to me is important.
    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Peter19 Guest
    thanks for your reply

    yeah i think it is better if you can do it all in one go, because then your resolve and things are better and you can sit or lie down and stay there for longer than half an hour lol. but thats the funny thing i think when i have nothing mentally on me to do list, i can sometimes (when in de right mind set) sit down or lie down for a few hours without moveing. on a good day. but its almost like anything else if you make it into a thing you need to do it is on your mind till you do it and takeing more of your energy because your thinking about it.

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