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Thread: A practical Guide to Kundalini Activation

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    lightworker Guest

    A practical Guide to Kundalini Activation

    Okay I'd like to share this. If you guys want to try this pm me and I'll send you the copy of his e-book. Btw I bought it for 1.99USD and the proceeds go to children with leprosy.
    but if you want to buy the hardbound and help the children this is his site

    This guy really encourages kundalini activation so we can access our full creation, manifestation powers on earth. His technique he says is the Lightning Path to Kundalini activation. He explains there are 12 paths to kundalini activation and his is the fastest. Although the technique uses visualization, maybe you guys can use robert bruce's NEW technique to replace the visualization part haha.

    Through his technique it will happen from top down. He describes exactly what will happen and there is a built in safetly mechanism in the body he says you can always push to shut the activation down. just push the fear button and the process will automatically shut down. He says if your not ready you will automatically not go through the process because of fear. Only when you ar clear of all fears will you be able to activate it. And to activate you only need the activation words.

    Anyway this is Michael Sharp's Lightining Path to Kundalini Activation. The first book is the no bull complete explanation of our existence , meaning he explains atlantis, the greys, the bible's role in this grand plan. The second book is the complete guide to Kundalini activation. He won't give the second book unless he was sure you read the first one. Anyway about the kundalini activation he says in the 2nd book a footnote and I quote

    "Some will tell you that premature kundalini activation is possible and dangerous and they will point to people who have had extremely traumatic spiritual experiences that have messed them up for extended periods as evidence of premature activation. It is true, that people may be traumatized and affected by unprepared activations, but it is not the result of kundalini activation. That kind of spiritual trauma normally blamed on kundalini activation is really the result of premature activation of the Eye of God (third eye) and Thousand Petal Lotus of Spirit (crown chakra). It is these centers which connect the bodily ego with the grandeur of its spiritual heritage and it is the shocking (to the bodily ego) realization of its grand spiritual lineage that can short circuit the mind’s neurons and cause extended periods of disorientation and confusion."

    any way me, I've tried it and yep the automatic shut down system always works for me. Haha!

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    Zak Guest
    Neat, I really understand the premature eyebrow and crown centre activation as the true cause of energy related problems.

    Having experienced a period of intense psychosis earlier in life and a couple small mini ones I can see it being related to to much energy in those areas and not premature kundalini.

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    star Guest
    Would you mind sending me that? I'd love to give it a read.

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    What does he say about greys?
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
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    lightworker Guest
    so to star and beekeeper, pm me so I know which email address i will send the e-books.

    Zach, you want the e-book too?

    just pm okay?

    to beekeeper. I can send you the e-book too. The description of the grays and their role in the Divine plan is like half of a chapter if I remember right.

    So he explains how the world leaders are connected to our alien brothers in that chapter and it was all planned from the very beginning that we all submit to authority.

    The most interesting part but surprisingly believable fact is when the author talks about the Grays as the overlords of our nations leaders today. The Nations leaders are tasked to keep the majority of the people, that's us, from accessing kundalini activation. And that is through their instruction manual... drumroll pls.. the Holy Bible, Quran, whatever book you have regardless of religion.

    If you want the complete stuff give pm me your email.

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    lightworker Guest
    Oh to those who already have copies, be sure to read book 1 first then book 2 because it's part of the activation.

    Book 1 is filename : book.pdf
    TITLE: Ascension 101 The Book of Life

    Book 2 is filename : full-ebook.pdf
    TITLE: Dossier of the Ascension, Practical Guide to Kundalini Activation

    God Bless!

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    I'm going to want a copy too, but not just yet, my plate is very full at the moment. But don't forget me!
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    lightworker Guest
    Wow amazing i got so many requests. Now i know I am not alone in the search.

    Friends who have requested, I have sent the ebooks to your emails.

    Please check if you have recieved.

    Others have forgot to give me their email.

    Goodluck! I hope you guys give me feedback. See I have some interesting experiences with that book. It is very magical.

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    star Guest
    Its so much reading, I'll post something here when I finish.

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    Still working through it, & it is interesting. Only negative so far is the idea that things changed back in 2003 - I don't see evidence that anything drastic happened back then, though I do think things are still building towards 2012.

    Also found it odd he didn't look at 911 as being part of the build up of fear to control those who might be opening up to the new levels of vibration. If that is what happened back in the Atlantis times, & the game they've been playing since (the Anunaki helpers who took over from them) I'd have thought 911 would be right up there as a tool to raise the fear levels & prevent Ascension.
    Never doubt there is Truth, just doubt that you have it!

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