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Thread: Welcome and Greetings from the Moderators

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    violetsky Guest

    Welcome and Greetings from the Moderators

    Hello All,

    Greetings! It is my pleasure to help moderate to this site. I am a friend and student of Robert's and am well acquainted with his work.

    It is our wish that these forums be a save place for people to open up. Freedom of speech is vital. However, when agressive people are given free reign to their freedom of speech, there is little room and freedom of speech felt by those who are trying to open up about sensitive topics, feelings, issues, beliefs. We wish this to be a safe place for people to open up.

    Many topics here are outside societies standard box. Some of the topics, like OBE and NDE are slowly coming into acceptance and boxes are forming that some now feel safe to jump into. But we do not wish to close up and rigidify any boxes here.

    Always attempt to you seek to understand or live and let live because really the true reality box is enormous, with most of us only seeing a small part of it. It is not easy to gain perspective without knowing the big picture, and no one knows the whole picture. Not I, not Robert, not anyone who will visit here. But we can do our best to keep our minds open and respect what others see and experience. It is always wise not to ridicule another for what they see outside the box because inevitably at some point in life we will be thrown for a loop and thrown completely out of our known box of safe boundaries. Crisises do happen to all of us. If we have spent our lives ridiculing others who were thrown outside the box, then we could suddenly feel completely alone due to past ridicule of others. Please keep this in mind when posting.

    Seek to understand as much as possible. We do wish to help broaden perspectives and help ground people who might have had wild experiences they are having difficulty in putting into perspective but it is requested to always, always seek to understand as much as possible first.

    Love to All,

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    Donald McGlinn Guest

    What a beginning!!

    We have hit the ground running

    Hello Everyone,

    I agree totally with violetsky's words.

    I too am a close long term friend of Robert and am proud to be associated with him and his work which I am also learning.

    Robert's outline to create this forum was to encourage intelligent free speech that is non violent, non confrontational and respectful of differing opinions.

    So in that regard, we ask that you agree to disagree or present an intelligent and compelling non confronting argument supporting your case and your perspective.

    We have created two levels of the forum. Those who show to be respectful of Robert's outline of the forum will be invited to join the second level of the forum so they can post messages in there as well.

    Both levels will be available to read, but only level one will be available to new members of the forum to post in. EDIT: Separate levels for posting have been discontinued. Admin.

    We are all looking forward to a lot of learning, a lot of growth and the wonder of meeting new minds with different perspectives on life the universe and everything.

    I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible.

    With Much Love and Light,


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    EOL007 Guest

    Hi all


    A warm welcome to new friends and old.

    See you soon,


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    Crispassion Guest

    Just wanted to introduce myself to you all and wave hello (waves hello...)!

    May the time you spend here be informative, productive, inspiring, fun, and full of insight...
    May you all feel free to share - to listen and be heard in equal measure...
    And most importantly - don't forget to bring along all your sense of humours!

    About my self...

    I have been very interested in the 'paranormal' (ghosts, ufos and whatnot)since I was a child, but began actively participating and developing myself about 15 years ago. Before that I was very into Theoretical Physics so perhaps I was just reacting against that way of seeing the universe.(Actually did a year of it at university...haha! Universe/university - like that a lot!). It wasn't until later that I worked out that the two approaches to knowledge are just two sides of the same coin!

    Anyway, I stumbled across many, many books - I have quite a library now - learned meditation of various kinds - began doing Chi Kung and Tai Chi - reprogrammed my belief systems (Tim Leary, Christopher Hyatt, Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli etc): you name it, I probably tried it at some point! I first began having OBEs and lucid dreams very soon after reading Robert Monroe's books on the subject about 13 or 14 yrs ago (a true pioneer if ever there was one!). I found them embarrasingly easy to have, but it was the control of the experience that was (and still is) the challenge. From my experience, just thinking about OBEs and imagining what they might be like (quite often during my normal day) was enough to trigger them (spontaneous, random ones, but also consciously intended ones). However when I had tried to induce them using my own methods previously, they failed to occur! I came to the conclusion that effort is exactly what gets in the way of successfully astrally projecting.

    I explored the experience for a year or two on and off, but they gradually tailed off as I got involved in other esoteric subjects and a music technology degree.

    About 7 or 8 years ago I got interested in energy healing, went on a couple of weekend courses with a local healer, who seemed to indicate I had a knack for it. I dabbled with it on and off (as you may have noticed, I am an on & off kinda guy!)read more books on it (Barbara Brennan, Richard Gordon), along with everything else. I then found Robert's book Astral Dynamics when it was published, flicked through it, thought to myself "This chap REALLY knows what he's talking about here!", and have continued to get his books as they are released.

    When I discovered Robert was going to start doing some workshops in the UK I couldn't resist. Couldn't raise the money for the one in Dec 2003, but came to his second one in Wales Dec 2004 (I am SO SO glad I did for many reasons as Robert well knows!)- a 4/5 day extravaganza of unbelievable experiences, and a crash course in how the Universe works perfectly... It literally changed my life. A connection with Robert was formed (in some really amusing Bee Following ways!), and to cut a long story short - after meeting up with him again during his more recent workshops and lectures in London, Robert kindly asked me to help moderate this forum. Feeling that it would be an opportunity for me to give back a little in return for what Robert's given me, I said yes! So here I am...

    I also took part a little on the Astral Pulse forum, but I tend to listen a lot, and then suddenly am inspired to write (like now) and it all pours forth...! So I didn't post that much. I tend to wait until I feel I have something to contribute - but maybe that's just an excuse for an unbalanced throat chakra?!! LOL.

    That's me done. see you all soon - have fun.

    Love and smiles,

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    Hello Everybody,
    Well, I've posted (hmmm...let me look) 264 times now, and I haven't even introduced myself on the New Member's Forum. And, now I find myself a moderator. Edit: July 6, I find myself admin. So, I thought this might be the place to introduce myself. As you can see by the number of posts in a short time that I talk a lot. I mean, a lot. I don't know if that's because I'm a very open, extroverted person, or I just like to hear the sound of my own voice. Probably both.

    So, I love this website. I think Robert Bruce is an amazing person, and I am personally very happy that he chose to share his experiences in book form and on this website. And, to think of all the info that he gives out for free! Pretty wonderful!

    To my experiences...they are all over the place. The short version is - I am spiritual with a scientific slant. That means that I am open to believing just about anything, but am skeptical at first glance and want to know if things have a "logical" reason for happening.

    The long version (if you care to keep reading) LOL! - I realized my spirituality at 5 years old when I tried to convince my mother that she needed to believe in God. (I was precocious). I raised myself as a "born again" Christian since my parents couldn't care less. I became very Bible thumpin' in my teens and twenties. I pulled away when I couldn't reconcile my belief that no one goes to hell (unless they believe they will) with my evangelical friends.

    I've been studying metaphysics for around 15 years now. I study Quantum Physics (forget the math, I'm math challenged). I'm a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression. I studied with Dr. Brian Weiss ("Many Lives, Many Masters") as well as others. I don't believe in past lives, but I must use the terminology that the public understands. I believe in parallel lives. I have two college degrees. I'm a retired Registered Nurse, and I have a Psychology degree. I studied Parapsychology for almost a year with the most reknowned Parapsychologist in the U.S. and possibly the world. I've also been an artist since kindergarten when my teacher told my mother to get me into private art classes since I was Michelangelo (or da Vinci...can't remember) reincarnated. Quite a bit of an exageration, but my mother loved to brag.

    I see auras (love to teach other people how to), am capable of Psychokinesis, very intuitive, am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Quantum Touch practitioner, and come from a family line of psychics. I volunteer for a battered women's shelter and have a certification as a Crisis Counselor. I'm into the helping others thing, as I've had a tragic life and managed to come out still smiling.

    I've been Astral Traveling for a while now, but I'm pretty new to the Real Time Zone OBE. The first time I attempted it, I had vibrations like a freight train, extreme roaring in my ears, felt my body lift out, scared the bejesus out of me, and I slammed back in. Apparently, the fear thing is pretty common. Since then, I've only been able to consciously get an arm, a leg, or my but out. Every time I start to lift out, I either go to sleep or have astral dreams. I've had incredible astral and higher plane experiences, but can't make it to the RTZ. :cry: Any help would be much appreciated!

    So, now that I've talked your ear off (I warned you), I'll just say that I will try to be a fair moderator and hope that I can learn something from it. I'm working on patience in this lifetime!

    Love and Light, and I'll see you in the forums,

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    Hi from CF. I had deleted this post by mistake so I'll do a brief rewrite: I was born and grew up in PR, went to college there and majored in Art History, and minored in Anthropology. Then after graduating, studied physical anthropology (postgrad.) dropped out, and went back to college and studied electronics. I worked in electronics for 18 years, then had my child, who is 9. I quit working for a while, came back to work in a metaphysical bookstore and ended up the church secretary. I am currently working for myself now, and loving it. When I was working in the church I renewed my love for anything metaphysical, and have been doing some catching up.
    I have been spontaneously projecting for most of my life- the earliest projection I remember was at 7 or 8. I recently, after reading MAP and AD, have learned to consciously project, and am discovering new avenues of self-exploration every day. Every day is an adventure! But a good one.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Palehorse Redivivus Guest
    Greetings friends!

    I've been a mod for a little while, but am finally getting around to posting one of these. I was being fashionably late, I swear.

    I had always had a passing interest in metaphysics, spirituality, etc., but was hesitant to really pursue it with any seriousness as a kiddo due to a semi-conservative-ish Christian upbringing. Though interestingly, I still remember my first time reading about and being intrigued by the concept of astral projection, from a fictional kids book whose title I don't remember, at my little private elementary school. Go figure, heh. Since the book was fictional I wondered if this was even possible, but had a hunch that it was.

    During mid-late high school and afterward was when I made most of my recovery from the more restrictive aspects of said upbringing, and my perspective and interests really started to branch out. I became really interested in metaphysics, spirituality, etc. to try and explore / explain odd experiences I was already having. I now know those early experiences to be things like hypnogogics, empathic experiences with certain friends, spontaneous exit vibration experiences (though no actual exits yet, doh!) and even some neg-related experiences. Life since then has been an odd spiritual rollercoaster of sorts that picked up gradually and hasn't stopped since; sometimes fun, sometimes very much not, but never boring. My main motivations in all this are to learn and experience as much as possible; see what this thing we call "reality" is capable of, share those findings with others and learn from their experiences and insight in turn. As I have said elsewhere, "I view life as something of a grand experiment. I am the scientist and the lab rat. The whole of reality is my testing ground. Experience is success."

    Around '02 or so I started amassing myself a small library of books on these subjects, and started poking around various online forums. This was when I discovered Robert Bruce and his material, which I have had the most success and interesting experiences with by far. It nonetheless took me a while to register here after hearing about this forum when it opened due to being involved on far too many others already, lol... but I'm glad I did, because I soon adopted this place as my new... e-home. And then it adopted me as a mod. Maaaadness I tell you. But it was another thing that came with interesting timing. I saw it as a good opportunity for me to keep learning, growing and experiencing, as well as to contribute what I can toward maintaining the awesomeness of a great community.

    So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. See ya on the forums.

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    It's about time I do this, I suppose, so here goes.

    My experience with the paranormal began young. Our house seemed to be haunted and, since my siblings and I were at home without our parents a lot, we had a number of hair-raising experiences. My first recalled OBE was floating over my nanna while she slept peacefully. I was somewhere between 5 and 7 years of age. Several years later, I spontaneously projected to the airport. I was excited that we were staying with friends in another state and I guess astral Beekeeper just couldn’t wait to get flying. I’ve also witnessed spirits, and experienced clairvoyance and clairaudience on an off throughout my life. I was even startled once when I witnessed my husband out of body. Finally, I’ve had some odd experiences with electricity and with a locked door unlocking to allow me access to my house.

    I have two beautiful sons and a lovely husband. They've all had psychic and astral experiences of their own, so it's all good fun. Oh, and I have a very cute, very adventurous dog.

    My formal training is as an English/History high school teacher. I completed a Bachelor of Arts at Sydney Uni, studying literature, history, sociology and psychology. I also completed a Diploma of Education and a Certificate in Religion. I began a Masters degree in English but didn’t finish because I discovered I was pregnant with my second son. That was nine years ago. I guess it just wasn’t that important to me. Oh, and I won an Award for Excellence in Teaching too.

    Mediation is just one of the job skills I bring to the forums. I also worked as the Welfare co-ordinator at my current school. In teaching, I have always drawn on my empathy and intuition and sense of humour, so I hope they’re well honed for service in the forums. Basically, I like kids and usually they like me. It's a good arrangement.

    My discovery of Robert Bruce's works was serendipitous. I was in a yoga class and I realised that I had dreamt the conversation that was taking place. I later mentioned it to my teacher who insisted I should compare psychic notes with another person in my class. As it turned out, he too was exploring astral projection and he gave me the name Robert Bruce. I took it from there.

    Since then, I've had a number of astral experiences of varying quality, many of which are documented in this site.

    I’ve practiced hatha yoga and meditation for the past 6 or 7 years. I've finally agreed, in principle at least, to undertake the teacher-training course starting in March next year. I don't know how I'll fit it in. I'm counting on universal benevolence.
    "A dream is a question, not an answer."
    (Therapist and dreamworker Strephon Kaplan

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    Re: Welcome and Greetings from the Moderators

    About me:

    (I wrote that over a longish period of time; I didn't want to just copy and paste it, so you can follow the link if you want to read it.)

    I can converse relatively intelligently on a number of topics, mundane and metaphysical, including various aspects of mysticism, meditation, psychic shielding, mental illness and trauma recovery, ancient history, cutting psychic ties/bonds, Kundalini awakening, transformation/metamorphosis, and various other subjects. As of this writing, I am currently learning to surf the eddies and flows of reality in order to consciously create my own (because I know I already create it, just not with conscious control or much precision).

    I've been here quite some time, and I go through periods of prolific posting (and periods of sparse posting). Lots of my metaphysical life is documented here on this site, and also at my journal site. Not that I think anyone particularly has an interest in my life, metaphysical or not, but sometimes people enjoy reading that sort of thing, so, well, there it is. (I mostly write for myself. Honestly.)
    May the light surround you, may you be blessed. May the light surround us, may we be blessed. May love and light surround us all, and may we all be healed and blessed. And so it is, and so it shall be, now and ever after.


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