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Thread: "What you get."

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    "What you get."

    Two types of anti-stereotypes are the BUGGER and the SKULLDUGGERS; BOTH are viciously opposed to HYPOCRITES.

    Because you know religion and since you will not fail anybody except of course yourself [citing Christ/consciousness], you might be a "loser" and so be that much. In the final ultimatum that's a way to believe, not a way to say you are right. And that, my friends, is what you might get.


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    Re: "What you get."

    Of course, there is an answer to the buggery that is not so desperate and unnecessary. Service, as a pure thought, is far beyond honour as it supposes the negative. Hypocrites and their enemies aside, one can and will do whatever they really like... in the truest sense of purpose. It is about real truth, now.

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