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    Great Ones

    The mystics have been joking about this for years. Titled, "Great One," only means war is cool. However in the strictly philosophical sense "Great Ones" are forbidden - for the very reason that they are cowards. In a likeness to Jesus, Alexander the Great proved himself the authority on this matter. He wanted sex much more than he wanted war. They suppose he was living well, actually, not destroying peace proudly.

    Spiritually, I affirm here that the magnificent others that you meet are plenty are many, and the cowardly Great Ones are hiding in their minds, unaware they the truth they seek is without them. Moreover, is within itself. Alchemy.

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    Re: Great Ones

    Somewhere else on this forum (search is not clean) I told 8 ways to know god. Here is the humanity version:-

    humanity in 8: confidence

    sex: i want
    force: i can
    wonder: i will
    joy: i know
    truth: god is
    power: love is
    alone: death is
    intellect: perfection is

    it could be found that the right to live and learn is in self alone, wisdom being the contrarian.


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