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    Breaking News

    Hello Robert Bruce. I greatly appreciate your work. Today I come to you with breaking news. As you have probably seen, angels wear light colored clothing. I am informing you that white clothing has great spiritual effects on you. It brings a lot of positive energy. White and gold is the holy color combination. Black clothing is negative energy and bad luck.

    I also have seen a man be resurrected as an angel. My own father, almost 2 years after his death, he came to me in a dream wearing white robes with golden trim. He spoke to me in telepathy, the things he wanted to say would appear as letters like subtitles.

    In one of your books you mention you met a priest wearing white robes with golden trim and having the cross symbol. This should be proof that white-golden are the holy colors

    I would like to know if you could astral project into heaven again and ask them when does the day of resurrection described in the bible take place? If it takes place? Also kindly tell us about prophecy on the events to happen over the next years
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    Re: Breaking News

    I agree with you. I'm surprised a high being such as this wonderful man not in light colours. But, they say, dark colours are for protection, especially navy blue & dark blue. In spiritual realms, wearing white makes you more visible, for example, any marks on white would show much more than in dark colours. As they say, as above, so below, so it'd make sense for protection.

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