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Thread: Comments on Phasing

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    Comments on Phasing

    For anyone who wishes to comment on the "How to Phase" thread.

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    Please feel free to share your experiences or helpful suggestions regarding phasing here.

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    I find very difficult to phase out cause once I realize i am somewhere else I come back. It happened twice during gateway at TMI. I realized I was somewhere else and was so surprised I came back to my mind. I don't know if this was a phase-out or something else, but the places were very real and one of them was a shared experience with another participant, but for her was a long experience and for me was only a brief one. I saw her (and the same two guides) and we received the same answer to the same question (weird). Maybe this is not what you call Phasing.

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    Re: Comments on Phasing

    It sounds like phasing. This 'abrupt' return is common, happens when you're not in deep enough trance.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler
    It sounds like phasing. This 'abrupt' return is common, happens when you're not in deep enough trance.
    If this is phasing now I know how it should be!! It's better than nothing.

    I think I have problems with achieving a stable trance state. It's like I am going in and out the trance. The positive thing is that I fall asleep very seldom..

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