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Thread: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

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    Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    It took me years to figure out what is" wrong" with the common massive "new age" or esoteric believes on how things work and what we are "supposed" to do in a life-time.

    They assume that we have subconsciousness and superconsciousness, quietly assuming that the former is "not good enough", and the latter is "perfect", but somehow we are away from this perfectness and cannot benefit from it - too much at least. In other words, this philosophy is based on a judgement, so typical to all the religions, like christianity and buddhism. They justify why we can not do or have what we wanted. But after exploration of this subject this simple division is just an intellectual framework which is basically incorrect, but helps the intellect / ego to set up some working philosophy for a life time. The essential term is spirit and the universe, not a "demands" of incarnation etc.

    If one is not ready to abandon this or another philosophy / religion, he or she should keep it. But if is open to new ways of thinking, it is better then to not stick to a limiting philosophy like those, I think.

    I am not sure what so called "higher self" is, but what I can say is that it does not work in the way we think, if it exists. I thought before it was some kind of identity, but after recent months I must say it doesn't seem to be so.

    My current - maybe temporary - thought is that higher self is that part of ourselves which is basically slumbering. It may be activated, though. It reflects our "higher"-level forces and abilities; in other words, it is a potential that we can develop, or connect to - to be more precise. The connection is how spirit works. There is no time - all the possibilities are there for us to reach. But when mind is not ready, a securing mental "limitations" play the essential role in keeping people who are not ready out from the pathways which could be considered "dangerous" (mind, when not developed, is not prepared to face a vastness of infinity - a synonym for spirit).
    Because, after all, all is mind and its creation.

    I think Edgar Cayce and taoists were right: the most precious "thing" is "spirit" - it is not a soul or mind. But spirit is not a "thing". It is simply the core from which all the creation / universe / time-lines are manifested and created. It is infinite; Chinese people called it tao. It is just a matter of connecting to that "point" in our mind.
    So my conclusion is that we should not spend that much time on our lower selves, as psychiatry do - because this overcomplicates things, focuses on what is bad, and not about the best, concstructive solutions. By psychiatry I also mean esoteric "teachnigs" on lower self or subconsciousness. A typical esoteric belief is that there is something wrong or dark in us which we "should" fix.
    I think there is nothing to fix there. There is only a choice to seek out a new ways.

    To seek out a new ways means simply exploring spirit and abandoning previously chosen mental limitations.
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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    What is a "soul" or "higher self"?

    One man asked the other "Do you believe in cars"?
    The other replied quickly "No! Why should I?"
    "Because it is something that exists. You should know that."
    "Can you prove it?"
    "Yes. When you sometimes walk down the streets and see those moving or standing machines, which technically are called vehicles, out there, these are called cars."
    "No, I have not noticed anything like what you say. How does a car smell like?"
    "Let me explain. To understand a car you should not focus on smelling but on seeing. When you see the vehicles moving on the wheels..."
    "I see! You mean those tin things moving thanks to a wheels?"
    "Yes! These are cars! Now you know!"
    "Not quite. To me these are just wheels which someone combined with the other parts, but they are still parts, just combined, and can be broke down to parts again."
    "Well, yes..." - the man try to find some more explanatory words, but he was interrupted.
    "I think it is just a philosophy, a concept of a car which you believe in." - the sceptical man replied - "Car is something that you learnt to see previously, overly focusing on your sight sense. So that now you have this concept in your mind, and see cars everywhere. But to me something that you call car is just a number of parts which generate sound, smell and even taste... it doesn't taste delicious, because it is an artificial concept, but actually it has even a taste. The only truth behind those things like cars is the mind creating a concept. Concepts however may be changed, and you will see, smell, hear, taste or touch the things in a different, unexpected way than previously. Believing in a religious, scientific or other philosophical concepts is like a framework to your mind telling you what to think, or what to expect. I prefer to explore all and learn from just by myself.", he smiled.
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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    Really love the car parable.

    Reminds me of Eckhart Tolle teachings too.

    Here's a recent one about the trap of 'conceptual reality':

    This collector of useless clutter.

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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    This is an excellent summary: about trying to treat reality as something definite. This is how not just science approaches the reality - the science itself is an invented concept and philosophy.
    Don't get me wrong: I'm not saying that creating concepts is something wrong. This is how mind works and lives, by concepts - just like physical body works and lives by physicality (matter). IMHO the trap lays in creating "wrong" concepts - the ones that does not suit your needs or desires, taking you away to something you don't want, typically by imposed, widely accepted (because they are imposed) concepts, supported by use of fear; more on this I wrote in this thread The idea is to use physicality or mind / intellect / ego to our advantage, and not against ourselves. This is the whole idea of creation - a creative self which expresses self / creates in those realms.

    The whole idea of being true to self is to find the supporting ways - the naturally taken, (re-)created concepts - which can be changed and abandoned anytime if you progress. You might ask therefore: if soul is just a concept, where the whole idea of soul development comes from? If life is meant to be lived, why to limit yourself to thinking only in a restricted way about life: like focusing only on the after-life (religions) or going the opposite extreme by ignoring anything which is not physical (hedonists)?
    The possible answer might be: if the soul development sounds fun to you, it does not matter if it exists or not, do whatever you feel that is appealing; if it does not, it is just a waste of your infinite potential - then doing something more appealing would be more appropriate.

    Here comes a conclusion of the universe / life of constantly being challenged by a created concepts - created by ourselves.
    You limit yourself when sticking to an "outdated" ideas, concepts.

    However, in the video he states that defending anything is acting from an illusion. Extending this statement on the physical body, when you are threatened physically - e.g. by not eating and thus eventually dying from starvation - then you act from an illusion when eating; you physically die when not acting from an illusion (salvation?). And similarly, when not taking energy when living as an astral body, you are going to ultimately die "astrally" - again, so it is a kind of salvation from an illusion as well. So... the question is does Eckhart Tolle not take food and energy, or he prefers to live up with illusions?
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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    Few equations to consider.

    religious = weak and enslaved
    religion = system of weakness ans slavery
    science = no-god religion, essentially no different than any other religion
    ruling = using a religious system to force a false power over the masses
    education = system of preparing a potentially rebelious kid for accepting the religion

    ability = power
    false power = mystic art of denying self
    true power = cleaning false power in order to knowing self
    ultimate power = ultimate realization of self
    realization of self = freedom
    freedom = ability

    So here we have a snake eating its own tail.

    freedom = true power
    religion = science = designed mental system of control = true slavery and weakness = false power = inability

    freedom <> science
    freedom <> religion
    true power = freedom from the mental control (i.e. education)

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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    ultimate power = ultimate realization of self
    Is the real true (ultimate) self. It's called "spirit". It resides inside. Spirit is the true strength, power, a perfect alignment with the real self - or simply perfectness that lays inside us.

    All the other equations can be compared with this single criterion of spirit. Hence, after all, there is only one grand equation:

    spirit <> false self (all the other selves)

    Spirit is infinite, spaceless and timeless. It holds infinite possibilities. Therefore it is essential to seek out for and keep this connection, and not reject it.

    Anything what we can achieve, we may (secretly) wish, do, or desire - is hidden in this core self. Calming down the thoughts (mental activity) is the first step.

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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    Calming down the thoughts (mental activity) is the first step.
    Perhaps this quote from the "Bringers of the dawn" by Barbara Marciniak instructs the best way what I meant in the previous post:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pleiadians
    Clarity and recognition of your own power are the bottom line. Your thoughts form your world all of the time. Not cafeteria style all of the time. Because you are bombarded with so many frequency-control vibrations that attempt to keep you from being clear, you fluctuate. You must, as a species, make it your intention to stay very clear, to stay centered, and always to bring yourself into the moment. Stop living in the future or living in the past, and always live in your now. Say to yourself, "What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to emanate health. I am willing to give up difficulty so that I can be a living example of what humanity can be." It is this line of thinking this commanding from your being and calling out what you want with clarity that brings you everything in acceleration.

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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    The current common belief, which is also the old religious belief coming from the eastern religious systems, is that we need to suffer because of spiritual growth. It says that we need to incarnate for that purpose. And that it is a spiritual nobility to go through such suffering.

    However, it is an unhealthy, imprisoning belief, as there are only two real factors in play:
    - your choice
    - your consciousness

    The rest doesn't matter, after all. The idea of so called incarnational wheel, or spiritual growth "necessity", with spiritual hierarchies just waiting to judge the deceased, is similar to the expectation that there are only 2 after-life destinations: heaven for those who attended the church, and hell for the rest.

    With such perspective, and cleaning your mind from the garbage, it's a totally new world of what the universe is and what is it supposed to be for an individual - the true salvation.

    Going beyond your mental prison, built out of the preconceived beliefs, is the key.

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    Re: Breaking down the estoeric / new age philosophy

    In the prison of eternal suffering is the key to the destiny of all. (see Michael Jackson).
    However, in the consciousness of choice beyond all other humans, lies the truth that "we are not evil." (See Barack Obama).

    A light/dark thing... suffering is actually beautiful life, though, asking me.

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