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    Many people do not realize that science and technology in the end is a tool - to control the reality. If it is put against people, it is a tool to control people.

    Known history of mankind is a history of technology development and control means development. It is worth to keep in mind this wider view on things when assessing the current situation.

    Genetics is possibly one of the most dangerous weapons. While human's DNA hides so many secrets still, the thesis being popularized is that we (scientists and those who tell them what to do) are going to "solve" the "problems" thanks to genetic modifications. I've just have heard that there is a research into combining nano-technology with genetics used in order to fight the viruses - at least this is the official statement. What is not told people is the fact how risky and dangerous it is, not to mention intentions behind such programs and people who support them financially.

    Many people also do not realize that researches as such are very expensive and only rich people and institutions can afford them. These people do not need more money, another billion of dollars won't change their situation. Money is also a tool: to get power. With your salary you have power to control a tiny part of the resources on the planet. People having more money have more power. That's why I'm talking about intentions. If a person who is rich is interested really in making the world a better place, (s)he typically cooperate with the idealistic circles: like artists, doctors, disabled people etc. What can be seen in their deeds (not just words!) is that they connect people and groups, and not divide. But if not having such intentions, a rich person founds a business promoting his / her products as opposed to all the others, lobbies (buys for money) certain groups, including people from the scientific circles, and tries to control the market. This is a typical "strategy" of many rich people. Of course, they don't want you to think that they have "bad intentions", so they may be also engaged in some charity foundations. But let this fact alone do not blind yourself.

    It is especially important to watch this when the medical stuff is so medially publicized, in particular the vaccine topic. Some scientists may even be not sure what they are really creating in the laboratories, but just blindly trust money got from the investors.
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    Re: DNA

    Strategy is an interesting word meaning, "theory is known." For example chess, computer battleship games have the players to understand that space is finite. You can see the alternative and realise that asteroids, pacman games have you that space is infinite. So what is going on in business itself? Terraforming, metaphysically? Half the world is in darkness - this is as to find space infinite or unknown. I do surmise there is an economy to war, not just to leisure.

    My DNA, my own (thing) to control, does not need to be shown any other theory on my life than my own as this moment has me it. That much makes me wonder, which in turn makes me believe, spiritually speaking.
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    Re: DNA

    Are these genes which control us, or us who control genes?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Lipton
    Oh my God, you're all going the wrong way. At some point I realised that they marginalised my work because it didn’t conform to their conventional beliefs and I thought, well, they’re not even being scientists. And I just left the system. I realised the message is more important for the average person than it is to argue in the halls of science
    Not a surprise, scientists are not particularly interested in his theories, ignore his thesis and continue their research quest for finding a predetermined solution - mentioned by myself a "magic pill" - i.e. the variant of genes combination which would satisfy the expectations.

    But there is one scientist who commented Bruce Lipton's endeavors, David Gorski.

    He makes a comparison of the Bruce Lipton's epigenetics to the law of attraction (implicitly suggesting that the latter is a nonesense). Interestingly, as many such publically selling views scientists, he is very "anti-" type of person, critisizing anything that is not accepted in main stream, including alternative medicine or the anti-vaccination movement. Is there objectivity on wikipedia? Well, I don't know what classifies as propaganda, but the movement has been classified as "Alternative and pseudo‑medicine", with an exponent adnotation, while other articles don't have such headline next to them.

    Anyway, it is always worth to think for yourself, and not to follow the collective. Even scientific field experiences mile-stones thanks to people who reconsider presumed but generally accepted "truths". We know so little about the universe - macromosm, and ourselves - microcosm, that openness of mind may only bring more light against the shadows of widely popularized these days ignorance.
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