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Thread: Food influence on human body

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    Food influence on human body

    Any experiences with food influence on body?

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    Re: Food influence on human body

    I can tell you about my experiences. I was surprised when I discovered that TCM and Ayurvedic suggestions are very accurate, pretty explanatory and make lots of sense in terms of practical application, which is not the case in general scientifically based diet related stuff.
    For instance, previously I thought that dividing food because of its taste must be somehow misleading and vague. But it works and often have actually an instant effect. When the digesting system is considered, TCM states that it relies mainly on the sweet taste (and on production of inslulin). When feeling too much sweet taste controlling the body, I take a bitter taste, especiallly green tea brings an instant effect of cleansing from too much sweet; and when I feel too little sweet and body hungry for it, taking honey, even alone, complements this lack.

    Then body is balanced. But how?

    What I noticed is that each food type having a certain taste has a different frequency. The organism works in the way that it differentiates between frequencies, and a new frequency (provided by a food of certain type / taste) changes the frequency of cells. Especially when the food is warmed and not cold. Therefore, different frequencies of food have different properties and thus resonate with and provide a different way to how and which organs work at the moment.

    The correspondence between 5 elements and the tastes seems to be actual, reflecting how things really are (because of frequency) - not a metaphor or anything. This way I can regulate the body and the way how it works.

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    Re: Food influence on human body

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    Especially when the food is warmed and not cold
    For a chemical reaction to take place, energy is needed. It's pretty obvious when you consider the fact that metal melts in a very high temperature (i.e. much energy is required for it); on the other hand, elements like oxygen or hydrogen, being light elements, need much less energy in order to chemically react. Same thing applies to warmer (not too hot, though) vs. cold food, especially fluids.

    Anyway, recently I observed a decrease of hunger. I don't need much food now... and I can feel better. My mind works better as well and have more clarity. I can feel how (any) food changes the frequencies of the body - instantly. To keep spirit frequencies it's good to follow your own body needs for food, and not what any type of diet dictates you.

    Keeping high frequencies causes the cells of the body to be in a state in which they can be easily changed - DNA strands react much more to light (energy). This way you can modify your DNA much easier, it also rejuvenates the body, and if a certain high (positive) mental attitude is maintained, healing may occur much faster.

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    Re: Food influence on human body

    My system:

    Each portion on the plate remembers in you a certain quality or word, such as "light" (icecream) or "truth" (bread) or "perfection" (canola oil) or "sweet" (peas). Harmony.

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