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    A Story

    The Father foretold that it was a great God.
    The Mother laid it to rest with her palm.
    When it awoke, it was no longer shy.
    What was it?

    Captain Black

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    Re: Trust

    There was a rather avaricious goat who ought himself to climb the Great Mountain. This Capricorn, he did believe that love was a promise, to be kept by others as well. When he got to the top of the mountain, he noticed a pot of gold with a bag of herbs in it. Too bad, he thought, and stayed up there. And, that is how hate came to be.

    Satisfied, he was...

    Captain Black
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    I found it in the catch basket - fisherman's catch!

    An ice hockey player strove for victory, but saw, that the puck was brown.
    "What the hey?"
    "I am not in this rink anymore. I am in a game of craps!"

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    Re: Trust

    A reasonable man was riding around in his Corolla on the way to the Showgrounds, and when he traversed through the Red Light district, confusion became him. He shot 5 times with his rifle, in what he thought was the duck shoot. Then he kicked his Corolla into gear and done a runner. On the brown acid that night...

    Captain Black

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    Re: Trust

    Captain Black

    ... He saw me and I knew that I was in the presence of eternity and no-one around, means it's a kung fu fight, again. So I darted for cover and smoked a cigar behind and old shed. Then I thought, what I befriend this guy, I mean he's?!...

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