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Thread: Energy sources

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    Re: Energy sources

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    To me energy is the capacity to do something, so I don't think energy has a quality- that is information- and I'm not absorbing the information, just the energy.
    It's not that I don't care- it's that in my way of thinking, the idea that energy has a quality is incorrect- we give it the quality.
    Not sure if we think of the same thing. According to the ancient information, confirmed by the direct experience, so called qi or prana - the essential to life energy - comes from the air. The quality of air is also the quality of energy which we breath in. Do you mean, then, that it doesn't change anything in your case when breating in polluted energy vs. fresh energy?

    I must say I can see a significant difference between energy and its quality in a city center and in a natural environment like woods.

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    Re: Energy sources

    I am definately on the side of the argument that energy does have a quality. For example, prana means "human energy" - it is a synthesis of solar energy and human intent. Chi, qi, ki can also be derived. Mana, or "dream energy," orgone "sane energy," etc etc.

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    Re: Energy sources

    The information - possibly - inherent in energy is also another, interesting topic. From my point of view / experience, energy is not an abstract observation (as materialists tend to say) of a part of reality; it is its substance / essence.

    This is also an interesting point that "quality" could be subjective - and I think indeed it is. This is due to the fact that everything is relative - relates to another.

    When looking into e.g. ancient Chinese view on energy (with different frequencies) and its phases - they are all relative (to each other). This is even more interesting when realizing the fact that the scientific discovery shows how different frequencies of energy differently interact with another frequencies, including the so-called resonance phenomena - they are relative in its "relationships" (interactions), i.e. the type of interaction and effect changes depending on a particular frequency.

    When we think of ourselves as being energy, it makes a lot deal of sense therefore to view us as being relative as well (the other term for "subjective") - to anything, to anyone. Before any obvious interaction between two people happen, they interact between themselves energetically. Learning about and noticing those energetics in contacts between people leads to development of a new skills.

    I prefer therefore to see energy more as an actual 'substance' of the universe which can be transformed - with thought. I see it as a "cosmic science of energy": when you learn how to deal with energy in theory and practice, you also learn about yourself, whether it is your psyche, or astral body, or virtually anything else! (It is a univers-al knowledge).

    Energy can be also a means for transmission: I'm not talking about modern technology using light (being also energy) transferring data in an artificial way, but rather about 'natural' information that may come to us through the use of the natural mind abilities to telepathically recieve any (not just intellectual) information 'encoded' or 'embedded' within the energy.

    Most of those types of information we are not aware of, because we do not have a tednceny / trained skills to operate on other frequencies...

    For example, the sun is a massive light / energy / information transmitter. With every single photon (and higher frequency energy other than the photon particles acknowledged by materialistically oriented science) we recieve information - whether we are conscious of this fact or not. (This is similar to working of the subconsciousness: most of information that subconsciousness filters is not coming to our conscious mind). The degree to which we open to recieve the information incoming from the cosmos (in energy) is the degree to which we connect - on certain level, like a mental level - to the rest of the universe (higher than material frequencies).

    My guess is that the "artificial sky clouds", the global government projects - one of many btw, just one of the most evident - are in most part supposed to disconnect possible interactions of the sorts which I touched above.

    I believe that energy / frequecy / qi / prana / and so on, is a synonym for life - consciousness. The type of frequencies incoming to a planet, like Earth (mostly from the Sun), determines the type of life that can exist on such a planet. In other words, if we exchanged the sun with another star here like with Sirius, the frequencies would change here significantly, and the human kind would evolve differently from that moment. This is due to the fact that I believe that interaction of human being (as whole, on all levels) with energy / frequency incoming to us from - in most part - the sun, so ommitted by current science, is the real source and reason for anything occuring on this planet, including our mental activity. Modifying its influence (like with the constant polluting air and sky e.g. by planes) therefore may affect how we on certain levels interact with the cosmic energy, and how much information and frequency we may gain. I believe it has a lot to do with DNA possible changes.

    In one taoist book the author stated that:

    Just as the fish is unmindful of the fact that it lives in water, we are unaware of the vast, inexhaustible sea of energy which supports our lives.
    My point, therefore, the sun is not just a warming source, as materialist point of view seem to suggest. This is very superficial view; rather, the sun (rays) role is enormously big: if we disconnected from the sun completely, we would live in a different "sea of frequencies", which quickly would affect our DNA, physical bodies, astral bodies, mental bodies... and mental activity - whole our existence.

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    Re: Energy sources

    FRV: "frequency, resonance, vibration" is a catchy way to say that you have energy like you and that is the stuff you can use.

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    Re: Energy sources

    In Japan they would say that the feeling you get of the mood of the room was the qi of the room, and that different qualities of qi were associated with different cloud formations. So I think qi affects and is affected by the mind. Also there are rain dances, and shamans in California have been to a mountain with Vogel crystals to make it rain, at least one of the people taking part thinking the government was making a drought, I wonder if that's to do with energy quality too. Another thing, whether or not it's true. is psychic vampires that absorb a particular quality of energy from people that they don't make themselves, eek. And different energy qualities being associated with different chakras.

    If I was to guess what whatshername meant, maybe it's like saying that matter is energy, and the different atomic elements are all energy, just in different forms, and similarly subtle energy can have different qualities to it, but behind that there's qualityless energy and that's what she absorbs? So it's like not saying that there are no atomic elements, just that also the basis of this is energy without quality?

    About chemtrails, maybe if we do enough clear-sky dances or something like that, we can have sunshine. With crystals.
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    Re: Energy sources

    My guess is that energy is a "neutral" in terms of it not knowing what it is interacting with, so if you were to believe "i am energy" perhaps you could do what you want a bit.

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