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Thread: Demon or God?

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    hasalameth Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by journyman161
    Quote Originally Posted by Off Topic
    hasalameth - look for books by Ralph Ellis, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval & others. Christopher Dunn makes a good case for the actual use of the Great Pyramid. Look for Charles Hopgood's ideas of maps such as the Piri Reis map
    Sorry Shannanigans - back to the topic.
    Cool thanks, I have already read parts of the Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings or whatever it was called.

    and sorry S, back to topic!

    As I think I wrote already - you will have to be the judge of what to do. listen to your heart and intuition, they will most probably point you out in which direction you should go.

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    Re: Demon or God?

    I had a dream of thoth let me know what you guys think of it it starts like this.
    (Before going to sleep I read the emerald tablets and I was reading for a few days in a row)
    Ok this is the dream
    so I just went to bed and I woke up in my dream it seemed to be light outside and I heard a voice (Thoth) saying Get up if you want to be free so I got up out of my bed and I looked across the hall of my house and saw what seemed to be another person and he was pretty friendly he was a black kid but I felt like I knew him and that we were best friends even though I’ve never seen him before and I heard the voice (Thoth) say “say these words and open the light so Thoth told me the word and the word was do-e-Lila and so me and the other person started to say he word and we noticed a square shape door of light started to become big and bright then once we saw that the door of light was completed (Thoth) told me to go into the light I remember being nervous and I took the other persons hand and we walked towards the light and he said it was ok, so I took one step into the light and I then found myself in what felt like a different realm it was dark And the floor was like sound purple waves moving in waves and I saw other people in that room and they looked like they couldn’t figure something out. The. I heard the voice (Thoth) say “what do you hear “ and I tried for a long time to figure it out and then it clicked I put my head to the ground and I heard a heart beat I then told thoth what I had heard and then I saw two entities in tall shape figure (they had human characteristics but it felt like they were alien or angel) and I saw the two entities standing and another bright door started to emerge I then walked threw that door and I found myself what looked to be a grey ancient bunker looking structure with a tall ceiling and me and other people that did hear something had to tell these entities what we had heard I then told them I had heard a heart beat and they said I got an 86% and I was instantly teleported floating in space but I felt one with the universe (what seemed to be a being of light) . I then woke up.

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    Re: Demon or God?

    Hi ChrisS
    I don't usually try to advise on peoples dreams but as you have asked I wondered if this could have been an opportunity using your current reading to give you a little teaching.
    What stuck out here was someone of authority asked you to tell him what you could hear. You heard a heart beat. You then had to repeat this finding to others. Maybe the repeating of what you heard was so you would remember the words. You were listening to a heart beat. You had confirmation that you were right by being given 86%
    Maybe the teaching here is for you to Listen To Your Heart. From that you could say , follow what you think is right, or live from the heart
    ( I was once advised to "Search For The Heart Of The Universe"
    Thats just my feelings on it but others may have a completely different view.

    I usually find that if I am confused with something but feel its important I send out a clear message asking for further clarification, and it comes!
    For ever I'll remember.
    Dreams are the doorways to the heavens.
    Look into your eyes and I see mine.
    She is part of your deepest thoughts.
    The destination is not the importance, but the journey. What we do here leads us to our destination.
    ( my soul. )

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