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Thread: Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

  1. Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    I am curious whether anyone has tried to video their real time zone projection with a video camera. The reason why I ask this is because on Youtube I was watching a compilation of live tv broadcasts that had a paranormal aspect to them. Because they were TV broadcasts I tend to give those more credibility. Anyways one of the clips showed a soccer/football game broadcast and a shadowy human like apparition is shown sprinting past the people viewing the game. Nobody reacted as it ran by. It occurred to me that this could be an body projection that was captured by the cameras recording the game. I would test it myself but I have yet to have my first OBE . Maybe some who are adept with OBE could test it out and report back.

    If your curious to see the video yourself it is on a channel called Chills on Youtube.

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    Re: Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    There is a documented account of an astral projection event of a monk who was reported seen and talked to by various people in a location miles from his physical body. The monks who were in the monastery reported that their brother retired to his room and fell into a deep coma like state and could not be roused for days. When he came out of it he reported that he'd been with the dying (or dead) Bishop (it's been a long time since I've read the account so this part is fuzzy) and that the Bishop had died. When official accounts of the Bishop's death came to the monastery there were also reports of people seeing and conversing with the comatose brother. This account is documented in Joseph Weed's book "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters" pub. 1968, which is still in print, btw.

    I had an astral projection event one day decades ago where I walked into my neighbor's house and saw myself in a mirror over the kitchen sink. I'd never been to his house before. I saw myself in the mirror and realized that if I could see myself in the mirror, he just might be able to see me too and I snapped back into my body and woke up. Then when I was officially invited into his house, I discovered he was renovating his bathroom and had removed the bathroom sink and was using the bathroom mirror propped up behind the kitchen sink to see his face while he shaved.

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    Re: Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    This reminded me of one OBE explorer who would begin raising energies at 0430 as that was asusmed best time to do this for OBE projection.
    He also had REM-PODs setup to detect any activity whilst he was projecting.

    The theory is that an EM meter can detect the energy field of the "spirit body" of those visiting, or residing in, the near earth plane, where our physical world is the backdrop. The near earth plane, which is where all paranormal phenomena emanates, is a transitional state of reality, between our physical world and the astral planes proper...the afterlife realms. Its in this intermediate level of consciousness, where the newly deceased can sometimes get temporarily stuck. These stuck humans are what we refer to as "ghosts". The energy form we access during a classic out-of-body experience is fundamentally the same as the energy form of a ghost. As such, I believe the REM POD should be able to detect me while in the out-of-body state.

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    Re: Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    I often wonder if EVPs are just recording what the investigators may be thinking or expecting.
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    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

  5. Re: Can Body Projection in Real Time Zone be video recorded?

    I have a web cam on continuous record were I live to record me if I ever OBE

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