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Thread: Methods for reading sitters as a Clairvoyant Medium

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    Methods for reading sitters as a Clairvoyant Medium

    Methods for reading sitters as a Clairvoyant Medium

    Part I Variables affecting clear vision of spirit
    When clairvoyant mediums work together in a circle , it becomes apparent that there is a difference in the perception of a spirit .

    Any particular spirit which presents to a circle of clairvoyants may remain invisible to some mediums , appear as a monochrome sihouette to others , appear as a small scale version , or may be a full body full colour
    apparition to another .

    It is not merely who is the "best" medium that determines how a spirit is seen and who will see it . It is more about who has the widest range .Like a tuner on a radio , some spirits will be too high or too low to be seen . For
    example as we begin to see spirit we usually can see spirits of relatives to which we have a loving bond first .

    Suggestion of a Hierarchy of Seeing Spirits
    Seeing our own spirit relatives is easier than seeing the spirit relatives with a sitter . Seeing an angel is harder . An avatar or archangel is harder still. One of the hardest things to see is a demon which has a vibration often too low to percieve . Conversely a person attached to a neg will be able to see it more easily because they have such a low vibration .

    Some mediums can raise their vibration with air energy to see avatars and lower their vibration with earth energy to see negs on a victim . After a time , this becomes instinctive and the range a magician can see widens .And there are many other variables some of which can be controlled and others which cannot .

    The sight of the medium can be improved by ;
    * raising the vibration
    * deep cleansing and powering up fully before reading
    * being sent energy by a cooperating circle of peers
    * working in dim light
    * working in a hermetically balanced room
    * working in a small room
    * balancing the energies of any people in the room
    * getting the voice of the sitter to confirm what you get right

    The spirit might build up more energy by ;
    * if they are in a happy loving familiar bond with the sitter
    * protecting the circle with energy so they can build up fully and safely
    * being sent energy by a cooperating circle of healers
    * presenting in a room that is small and energy can be amplified
    * presenting in a dimly lit room
    * presenting near water pipes ie baths , pools , spas
    * presenting at the end of a bed in a non threatening manner
    * presenting to the already clairvoyant
    * being assisted by an aware guide spirit or an angel
    * if their vibration is uplifted , happy , comfortable
    * if they are greeted when they appear and are not unrecognised
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Part II Preparation

    Choose a Chair
    You can prepare your area to work . Sit in meditation in the same chair in the same room at the same time daily .7:30 pm is ideal . Choose a comfortable armchair which allows your feet to lay flat on the floor without
    dangling . Choose a rocker or a highbacked wing chair or an ornamental throne .Put your chair in a corner . Do not allow others to sit there .

    Prepare your Room
    Balance a small room that does not open to larger rooms . You want the energy to move in and around and through the room like a pot boiling up . The room should have a window . There should not be any clutter . Fresh air should ventilate the room . Balance the room hermetically ; candles for fire , small fountains for water , potted trees for earth , windchimes or incense for air . ... 313.0.html

    Raising Energy
    Bare your feet to raise more energy . Deep cleanse from the crown down . Raise energy from the feet up . The more energy you raise , the better the sight . The body can only raise energy conmensurate with its development . So the more you practice , the more energy your body can sustain . If you do not deep cleanse you will have pain , pressure and headaches . Even when you do cleanse you might have pains and pressure from newly manifesting energy structures and pre-kundalini surges etc. So cleanse and stretch and drink lots of water. ... w.html#new
    NEW Full Body Circuit by Robert Bruce ... etinID=366
    Raising the Dragon ... 333.0.html

    Working with Guides
    Ask your highest source to come in to assist you .Learn to use a "yes" and an "I am here sign". Confirmation signs vary from one medium to the next but these might be a rush of energy on the spine , at the back of the
    neck , on one foot or one arm or even a thumb . This might feel like a brushing , tingling or goosebumps etc . Learn yours and teach your confirmation sign to all new guides .
    Cofirmation signs , working with a guide ... uides.msnw

    Opening in Protection
    Opening in protection means that your energy will not be interfered with , influenced negatively or drained by a neg . It will help prevent attacks . If you are safe , clean and at the highest vibration you can sustain , then spirits will be willing to appear to you . When a person has a lower vibration it can take too much energy for the spirit to appear . And if the vibration of a room is too low , they may choose not to appear as it drains
    them and they can feel anxious or unsafe just as we can while alive .
    Methods of Protection ... ,31.0.html
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Part III Techniques to read a sitter
    Opening an Orb
    When you see the spirit it might appear as a orb or stripe of light which is jewel toned or metallic, initially . Typically these will be gold , silver , white , sapphire or gray . Darker muddy colours means a low vibration
    spirit which are often negs .

    Always work with the higher brighter colours and learn to ignore or banish the shadowy ones . Take the energy awareness to the brow centre and look in the direction of the orb with closed physical eyes . With will , intention and energy , visualise the orb opening while you ask the spirit to come closer .

    Spirits visiting a person usually stand behind them . If a spirit is with you , ask them to step in front of you to see them better . If they are with a sitter note where they present .

    Visual Interpretation
    The right side means father side of family or male friend and the left is the mother side of family or female friend . Above the sitter is angel or higher self or guide . Behind the sitter will hide negs demons , neg attachment cords , lower selves. On the floor will be children and pets . Children will appear at the age they were upon death or they may appear the age they would be if still alive .

    Adults will generally appear at the age they were upon death but might flash visions of their youth over this too .

    If a spirit appears with the pain of the cause of death . Feel it briefly and then immediately ask for it to be taken away by spirit . Spirit will no longer feel physical pain but they might help the medium to identify them to loved ones by showing where the pain was at death .

    Building up energy within the sitting
    Build up their image by looking in a pattern asking for what you are looking for and lending energy to that area to help see it . Ask the spirit to build up that area too .

    Suggested Order of description of spirit
    Gender : Male or Female
    Height : Tall . average , short cm or inches if you can estimate or show by your hand how tall they are
    Frame : Large , average , small
    Shape of face : oval , round , square
    Colour of skin ; light , medium , dark
    Colour of hair ; light or dark or if you see it red , blonde , brown , gray , black , silver , white etc .
    Colour of clothing worn and described especially if uniform
    Seeing eye colour is difficult . Hearing is harder than seeing . Seeing exact colour may be impossible you might have to say light or dark instead .

    Interpreting what the spirit shows you
    What are they carrying ? If the spirit leans forward presenting an object that is called giving .

    ie "Your grandfather is giving you a ring . Are you expecting an event like a graduation , engagement or wedding that would involve a ring please ? Or if it is a high school graduation or a diamond engagement ring
    say so . It could mean that the spirit is acknowledging they are aware of the event or that they are offering support or that they are being identified by the fact that the sitter inherited that ring from them .

    Spirit may present with flowers which are symbolic , the type of which can be interpreted using a diverse background of dream and archetype symbolism . You can develop a better background by using dream dictionaries online and by studying archetypical spiritual and tarot imagery too .

    ie roses can mean grandparents , daisies a mother . forget-me-nots can meab remember me , red poppies a veteran

    Watch what they show you ; some spirit can make letters or numbers or words but most can not . Most can show you a vision of what they want to tell you which is like a silent movie ,or a mime . That vision must be
    interpreted like a riddle .

    Getting a name
    Ask their name . They might have a way to show you . Some spirit can be heard , most cannot be heard by a typical medium . Over time your clairaudience will improve but that does not mean their ability to speak has improved . If you can hear them ask their name again for confirmation .

    If you do not hear it clearly ask again and tell the sitter how it sounds to you . Do not act confident with "her name is Jane . If you heard only Jay , maybe its a boy and it is James or Jay .Children can appear androgenous .It is entirely likely that a medium will miss the first syllable of a name and hear the second clearly .So give off only what you hear and see , and tell them after that what your interpretation is. Ask if that makes sense or if they have another understanding . In this way you can learn more symbolism and more confidence . Ask for confirmation all the way along .

    ie I see a spirit behind you on the right . It appears to be a woman .She is short with a petite frame. Her hair is light . Do you know the grandmother on your father's side ? Does this sound like her . If not , "Could this be your great grandmother . If they confirm , then continue ; I think the hair is silver . Is that right ? I see her carrying a cane . She holds her arms out to you meaning support and I see her show me a necklace . Did she give you a necklace ? Was it a large crucifix ? I think it is silver . Is that right ? . If they do not know , say goodbye to the spirit and look at another one .
    But if you get a lot of confirmations on the description , then ask the spirit to come closer and wait to find out if you can hear a message . When you have given off the message . Thank the spirits and the guides .Move on to the next spirit with that sitter or to the next sitter .

    Spare the bloody details
    Do not be gorey , rude or negative in your messages .ie if a spirit appears headless , ask the spirit how they were decapitated silently in your mind .Wait for confirmation . Then you might say to the sitter "I have a spirit here who died in a car accident" or "He says he died at the hands of another .

    Some words are emotional in a sitting and evoke negativity ie suicide , murder , trauma . So spare the sitter . And ask the spirit to appear to you nicely . The spirit that shows you their horror tends to want to help you
    identify them to the sitter . In a controlled reading , the spirit is not trying to gross you out or to frighten you . If you ask them to put their head back on , for example , they can and they will . If a spirit is uncooperative, then you close that one .Refuse to read them .Move on .

    Choosing sitters
    Choose to begin with a magical peer . When you read another medium , it is a lot easier . Do not begin with skeptics because their negativity will lower the energy in the room . Do not read psi vamps or negatively
    attached people .

    If your arms and face begin to burn like a sunburn with salt water on it , stop the reading . Deep Cleanse self and room . Be polite not angry when you explain that you need to end the reading . Never feed negative energy out when you are reading .

    Reading a Room
    If you read a room of sitters , choose strong ones first . Look for those with auras of bright jewel toned colours.And take the time to look around the room for those who have a group of spirit behind them .

    Some mediums see lights over the head of a person . Some prefer to have the spirit appear to them and then describe them to the crowd to see who it is . Some hear a name and connect to the name linking to build up the spirit and then give off the description . But most use a Jon Edward style of reading called traditional platform mediumship . The spirits will appear behind the sitter you feel drawn towards.

    Traditional Platform Mediumship
    If the room is small all sitters will expect a reading . At a large gathering the medium is expected to read a sitter for about 5 to 8 minutes and move on . Sessions are usually 30 to 45 minutes for reading and 60 to 90
    minutes in total .

    The medium will open in prayer , have the sitters call in their highest source , lead them to raise energy and have a quiet meditation before reading.

    If a lecture , lesson or philosophy is given it should not be between the meditation and reading . The meditation should come directly before the reading and should not include "pass the plate" time .

    I read for free . Most platform mediums at spiritual churches read for free . The church might want a collection plate to pay their costs for utiliites etc but ask them to pass the plate before the meditation during a song instead of interrupting the meditation .

    Insist on a dimmed light room with a 10 minute meditation to warm the sitters up . While they meditate you must deep cleanse and raise energy and begin to look at the first spirits .

    Every sitter will have spirit with them . No one is alone . There will be at least a higher self . Usually there will be 3 to 5 spirit with each sitter.

    Being Drawn to a sitter
    A happy jewel toned coloured aura or a feeling of warmth or even cold crisp air might attract you to a sitter . You might see spirit behind them better or they might seem to glow . Those you are drawn towards often need a message . Do not allow self to be monopolised though or drawn back toone sitter. Speak clearly , pace yourself and move on after 10 minutes maximum time.

    Skeptics and Negs
    If you are with a sitter who does not know the spirit you see , then choose another spirit with them . Sitters tend to disbelieve that grandparents who died before they were born would care enough to visit . Sitters do not
    believe that birthparents will come to visit since the parent gave them up for adoption .

    Birth parents often want to say they are sorry . People may refuse to speak to a deceased ex spouse or a person that they cannot forgive . Sitters may not want to speak to a friend from another time or another country that they used to live in . But all sorts of spirit will show up . These type of messages are still important as it is by forgiving and loving that we grow . To compromise , you can give it off briefly and move on.

    If you find a negative skeptic who says no to everything or interupts you to say peanut gallery stuff ,move on to a positive one . Drop a blanket of shielding energy around a vamp or a bully or they will suck the room dry
    and you won't see much . A shielding blanket will not hurt them but it wil protect others in the room . Or ask them to leave if appropriate . Some mediums will refuse to work and the evening will come to an end then . But mostly in a spiritual church , meditation class or medium evening , you are with a group of peers . The mediums who charge admission or fees might have to endure hecklers more .

    People with negative attachments , vamps and those with negative attitudes will lower energy om a room .This type of person can be sent healing and love but they can not stay in the room during circle . It will drain the circle so nobody sees anything .Traditionally they are not allowed in circles . I have tried breaking this rule and each time was disastrous . Now I listen to traditional advice and exclude them.

    Evocation of a Spirit
    As the magician becomes stronger , their ability to call develops also . Some mediums can call in a spirit with a name or by holding a personal object or by a photo .

    Personal items should not have been used by others .Shoes , watches , rings and keys may work.Have the sitter hold the item . Stare at it . Close eyes and tune in . They can hold the object to the brow centre or try to
    hold it at the heart . They can feel for a hot spot for a better connection .
    Then have them send loving thoughts to the spirit and call their name clearly aloud . If the spirit appears , you can read them . Alternatively, you can hold the object and call them in instead .

    I find a sitter has a better chance of calling their own loved ones . I ask them to bring an A3 photo with the person and no other life form in it . Cutting a person out of a group photo will not work . The person called
    should have been photographed alone while looking straight at the camera . Have the sitter hold the photo and send loving thoughts to the person in the photo dismissing any extraneous thoughts . Focus only on the one
    person called .

    Making a stronger connection
    If the spirit does not have a visible face , check your procedure . Is the room too bright ? Is the room too dark ? Did you pull up energy ? Are you tired ? Can you refresh and pull up more energy ? Have you asked the
    spirit to manifest itself more clearly and come closer to you ? Have you asked your higher source to help you see the spirit ? Have you asked the sitter for confirmation regularly ?

    Magician's Rhombus
    If you are having difficulty and really want to see a spirit better , try a Magician's Rhombus . This technique sends energy like healing to the spirit who has appeared helping them to build up more .

    Form an energy diamond from the third eye and navel . The heart is the core . Place your open palm on either side of your heart to form the sides of the diamond . Deep cleanse again and draw in fresh prana from the
    crown with each inhalation . Send energy out with each exhalation .

    Remember to thank guides and spirits who have co-operated in the readings . If you give off loving messages to the best ability , more spirit will appear to you .

    Please ask questions or react to this article , thanks .

    Moderators , I am sorry at the length of this . I wrote it today in answer to a thread on consciousness and seeing faces of spirits . ... highlight=

    Then I thought it would be best to post it as a new thread and I broke this up to three parts, But if it is still too long , I do have a copy and it can be deleted if it is not acceptable in length . Thank you very much.

    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    I think it's fine the way it is- Since it's split in two, you can take an 'intermission' break while reading it.
    AD Pedia:

    "Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal" Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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    If your arms and face begin to burn like a sunburn with salt water on it , stop the reading . Deep Cleanse self and room . Be polite not angry when you explain that you need to end the reading . Never feed negative energy out when you are reading
    can you you elaborate on this aunt clair?

    much appreciated.

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    When you are reading a sitter and feel anxiety and sunburn pain come on suddenly , that is a sign of negative attachment .

    A cord can sometimes be seen attached from a neg to the sitter . These cords are often at the back of the heart .

    I tend to feel the pain begin on my forearms Some feel it at the back of the neck .

    It is much harder for mediums to clairvoyantly view a neg than to view an angel . The range of sight must be wide enough to percieve negative vibrations . Those with negative attachments however , are often capable of seeing the neg parasite because their vibration has been lowered .

    If you have specific questions , please ask .
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Some people say that seances, mediums, and such leave you open to possession, almost like the ouija board seems to do. Is this true, or just a myth of my Catholic upbringing? Can the thigns that you speak of be controlled to bring only light? I've never done anything like being a medium between the spirit and physical world out of bred in fear.

    Love and Light!


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    Here is a technique to Remote View Online to extend this method ; ... 3101#63101
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacktiger057
    Some people say that seances, mediums, and such leave you open to possession, almost like the ouija board seems to do. Is this true, or just a myth of my Catholic upbringing? Can the thigns that you speak of be controlled to bring only light? I've never done anything like being a medium between the spirit and physical world out of bred in fear.
    Love and Light!
    I am Catholic . I have taught Catholic catechism and I have taught at Catholic Schools.

    The late Pope John Paul II said that seeing a deceased grandmother in a dream was a blessing but he warned that attending a seance or developing as a medium was risky and he said that for this reason he could not condone it . He spoke at great length regarding visions and mystic Catholic saints and about seeing angels and even about exorcism of demons . But he felt that that these activities could not be sanctioned because of the dangers. This was reported in a two page article about mediumship in a Catholic Newspaper with Jon Edward on the cover .

    So no as a Catholic this is not sanctioned . But I see Christ and angels in the visions and mystics have historically done this . I am a radical but I never charge money and I work as a lightworker for the Godhead . I love the Catholic Church but in the end I am obedient to God first . Christ comes to teach us , his lessons are about healing and love and I see no evil in my work .

    The mahatma include avatars from many cultures and many religions . They teach to all humans who will sit im meditation . They teach for free with great love to the world . They have done so historically , this is not dangerous or evil .

    But if mediumship is used for profit or if it is used to lie to people and cause them pain then it can become evil . As a knife can be used to cut bread to feed and sustain life and to cut a throat to take life . Mediumship most certainly can be used corruptly . It should be a path to mysticism and to a greater love of humanity to help others .

    And Mediumship can be dangerous . I agree that people have been harmed with Ouija Boards , as you say . And I can take on board that there is inherent risk in all magick .

    But I was born clairvoyant , I could have chosen like my siblings to consider it a curse and never develop it . I believed my grandmother instead who said it was a blessing and a gift . I have developed and I do not regret my life . This is a major part of my life .

    We all choose what risks we will take in this life . It is also risky to get married ,to have a baby , to eat what another has prepared , to have surgery , to drive a car , to swim in the ocean , or even to cross a road .

    I believe in learning about protection and having faith not fear .

    I suppose that those born as mediums should develop and learn to protect. And I believe that those who have mental illness should avoid developing as a medium .

    Mentally healthy people without clairvoyance abilities can develop them if they want to . They should use discernment , learn protection and choose wisely .
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    I guess there are always risks in everything. Like when you cross a busy street, taking the risk that a car might hit you, but you do it anyway.Thanks for clarifying that. I wasn't saying it was evil or anything, its just that my parents think that all this is 'unkowingly worshipping the devil." Someday, I hope to do some medium work, but for now, I have other things, like homework .


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