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Thread: After-life - how is it?

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Found also some unexpected confirmation from "The Edgar Cayce Primer" book:

    ...the soul is judged by choices...

    The readings say that there is soul entrapment throughout the universe... [but] no matter how far astray we may go, there still remains within us the pattern of and the link to perfection...

    Remember, the soul not only bears [Akashic] records of the individual, but it is also an energy pattern. The emanations from the records of the soul quickly permeate every cell of the physical body and it thus becomes truly and uniquely an appropriate expression of that soul...
    However, the book denies the popular thesis that we have simultanous incarnations - "one soul for every body, and one body for every soul incarnate in the earth."

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    I also read Newton's books and I always see the common things and not the differences, so I see a lot of commonalities between his work and that of Monroe et. al.

    Note that all you state about the prison planet meme is an interpretation. It can all be influenced or formed by pre-existing belief systems we hold and a kind of extrapolation or projection from our human state to the nonphysical. So I am not sure if the esoteric saying of 'as above so below' is really accurate here.

    It might be a prison for the human avatar but that does not mean that you are/were forced to come here (including the amnesia which is part of the ruleset in this game). Our Higher Self / Oversoul might have a complete different overview (another term by Monroe) and it might be viewed as a kind of 'game' (maybe for educational purpose, hence the "Earth school" model which is also proposed by M. Newton and many others).

    The real YOU is not the avatar (incarnate human). The real YOU is the guy behind the computer playing the virtual reality game using the avatar. Each game played is a 'field trip' incarnation. You (the real You) can maybe decide yourself if you start another game level of the same game or try another game (= incarnate in another planet/dimension) or not play at all (stay with Source).
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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    I think people want to believe that things are as they preferred to, and as they were told. This is something common to human society, they typically don't want to consider a notion that things might be different from what they used to treat as a "comfortable constant".

    I actually don't go the paradigm of "seeing more commons than differences" being a serious argument. I must admit that I also don't believe the M. Newton's research, regardless his good intents. This is due to the fact that: 1. he was forbidden to get a lot of information 2. behaviour of some guides 3. is only a report from people under hypnosis 4. uncertainity to whom he talked to 5. manipulations.

    This is just really a beginning of any serious research. We cannot assume that what we are told is all truth... and what ancients were told was truth either.

    The "loosh" concept actually supports the idea of things being different than the societies were told, including missing points in the M. Newton research.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    Note that all you state about the prison planet meme is an interpretation
    Not an interpretation, I don't stick to that, it's misunderstanding. I treat it as a serious but very likely suspicion, as I wrote. So I keep mind open, and not stick to common beliefs.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    You mean like... those type of things ? Or... perhaps something in that direction ? Or both at the same time (I heard that God wants it all, wether it's yin or yang, all at the same time - hence timelessness).
    Sorry i don't have time to go to Youtube right now but I will clarify that... if love does not "manifest physical reality soon" it is corrupt.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    prayer is an exception

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    I actually don't go the paradigm of "seeing more commons than differences" being a serious argument.
    Not meant as an argument really. Just explaining my more positive approach and where I am coming from.

    Moreover, seeing it it all negative and conspiracy-like is not an argument either but just a kind of 'mindset'.

    Both mindsets are justified to some degree but that's why I think the best approach is somewhere in the middle.

    Not believing everything we are told and apply open-minded scepticism towards both sides (the overtly good and the overtly bad stories / interpretations / opinions / beliefs) seems best to me - including gathering one's own experiences (via AP, hypnosis, whatever) but we should treat them the same critical way when we later analyse it and form our current beliefs around them.

    After all we could speculate endlessly about this, so 'argueing' isn't really the case here because we cannot prove it one way or the other, honestly.
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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    we cannot prove it one way or the other, honestly
    Exactly. I treat this thread purely as a place to put some stuff like that: uncommon exceptions to common beliefs which may shine more light into after-life and how really is it. No argumentation intended.

    We cannot prove anything, hence common beliefs should not be as common as they currently are, I think. Therefore some more balance to overall convinctions is really needed.

    Where such "common" approach comes from?

    I think it is a result of the system of education (trained way of approaching "serious things" like researching the universe - it is just one way, but people go with the "scientific" paradigms like it was the only possible and justified way): presenting one (scientific) monotholitic system of beliefs. As you pointed out, it is not the best way, nor an objective one as well. (In short, science is not as objective as it is supposed to be).

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinera View Post
    seeing it it all negative and conspiracy-like is not an argument either but just a kind of 'mindset'
    Assuming that all there is loving and perfect (typical new age, but also common to religious, beliefs), and you may expect only warmly openned "arms" after your physical death is even worse, I believe It closes your mind and leads to potential pitfalls. In fact R. Monroe's and other OBE researchers' journeys actually support the idea that we are prone to meet what we expect after physical death. So once more, balancing and keeping neutral (rather than negative or positive) mental attitude is required, and as such, only an objective - universally, truly "scientifically" oriented - mental approach could face the truth without illusions where your mind creations affect your non-physical senses reception.
    I also find using the "conspiracy" term very misleading, suggesting that something is somehow inappropriate, thus leading (unconsciously) to sticking to common beliefs, typically. Therefore I avoid the "conspiracy" term at all costs, not treating it as a classifying way of anything, in order to not close some doors of research.
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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Let me explain how I see common beliefs to be like when concerning what to expect after physical death vs. what are the actual knowns:

    - atheistic view: consciousness is a concidental effect of material complexity, and it (we) ends its (our) existence with the physical death
    - religious view: we meet judgement after death which will decide about our future - e.g. going to heaven, hell, or reincarnate (depending on particular religion)
    - (typical) new age view: we re-incarnate due to and only because of our will because we "believe" that we should go through it in order to gain certain benefits possible to gain on the Earth plane; typically we meet our families, and do not deal with / take into account any ETs activity, but simply take on few personal factors when considering another possible incarnation

    Most of them do not take seriously into account possible extra-terrestials interfence on the planet / our solar system. However, people like Ingo Swann with his ESP experiences, Dolores Cannon's research of people under hypnosis, many channelings like those from Lyssa Royal or Barbara Marciniak, and many other writers and researchers, seem to present at least a slightly different, but more full picture of what is going on beyond the "obvious" physical aspect. Beyond what new age common "religion" seem to suggest.

    The interesting fact is that, aside from so called "pink spirituality" beliefs, all the existence relies on energy, which was a common belief, including ancient religions, until recently. For instance, taoists had a different view on how things are after death; their quest for tao was in considerably large part aimed at gaining the consciousness after physical death, as opposed to an average person who was believed to become an unconscious ghost, just "dreaming dreams" and prone to "alien" forces, until re-incarnating once again (due to lack of energy). How different this view is from the current beliefs? Then, can we say that the current beliefs are really the ultimate ones? Or, maybe... far from that?

    See my point?

    Concerning the energy reliance, there is also a conviction, present e.g. in some channelings and spiritualistic ghosts invocations, that "spirits" (like souls of deceased people) need energy (as a food), and they feed on living people. Of course, the energy is universal, so ETs (physical and non-physical) are included into "nourishing" scheme. The feeding is actually a way to maintaining a certain frequency or frequency range (like in order to maintain a fear frequency range you need to get a fear-based energy from... somewhere). The question is: where do they gain energy from?

    Now, is a physical food the only way to absorbing energy? If it was the case, non-physical beings would not need energy. But it is pretty obvious, confirmed also by OBE experiences, that the need for energy is actual requirement - also for non-physical parts of ourselves. Chinese people called this universal energy - Qi. It exists on all levels in various forms, from material to non-material.

    When realizing fully that point, there is really only a small step into making at least a theoretical assumption that there could be an organization of beings (like non-physical, along with physical, extra-terrestials) with an intent to create a system where energy could be provided on the regular basis (and not just occassionally), just like taxes are the system of providing an endless stream of money. Should we assume that only human beings are intelligent? Should we assume that only human beings have a tendency to be "evil"?

    No religion assumed so. Only modern (and rather not well thought through yet) new age beliefs seem to ignore those facts. Hence I really don't think it is an accurate way of assuming what we are supposed to face after the physical death.

    Now imagine that you go to a different continent or planet, and you find there another specie - of lower intelligence or level of development, but still alive: you call them "pigs". They may look like this:

    Do you try to communicate with them? Like, perhaps, making some interesting discussions about the universe...? Very unlikely, I'd say.

    Or, maybe, you start a war with them, in order to conquer their territory? Also very unlikely.

    Instead, you quickly realize that they are very good... as a food source. So you create a whole system of breeding them. They won't mind - they would even not realize it. And you want it to keep this as long as possible - to have this comfortable resource of food. No more hunting, no more occassionally found food resources, no more daily-based struggle for nutrition. You just need to keep this system of feeding, and make sure that "pigs specie" won't get more intelligent or developed than they are.

    (There are certain laws of the universe, based on energy frequencies, coming primarily from the center of the galaxy, center of the universe, and from stars, particularly through the sun frequencies, which may cause DNA possibly to be re-programmed - which is a potential threat for you as an incomer to this continent / planet / system, because then the specie could develop too far and the whole system of control / breeding could stop working... so you need to not allow this to happen. If you allowed them to develop, pigs could... become equal to "us", as gods - see the Bible... You need to keep minds of pigs to be massively put under constant control, telling them how their lives should look like, how their enterainment should look like, telling them what is tabu and forbidden, giving them an illusion of choices of beliefs from a preset number of popular philosophies / religions, keeping them away from thinking for themselves, and even telling them what they may expect after death - so that they didn't do anything about it and kept "positive beliefs" that everything is going to be just fine, like meeting their lovely piggy families of deceased ones in the heavens full of beautiful angels who don't do anything but take care of this piggy farm... sorry, specie ).

    Keep my mind open and looking for further information.

    My conclusion is, again, to maintain focus on increasing consciousness, instead of sticking to common beliefs, which - as history told so many times - were just propagated to masses so that they didn't search for anything beyond the scheme.
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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    To summarize everything as short as possible:

    wake up

    possibly, the new millenium would be this transition of taking responsibility, developing consciousness and getting awareness of things beyond the personal affairs.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Consciousness is "One Thing" ...
    Love is "something more".

    The Lord's Prayer works indefinitely this way: "I want more time in space" and you can answer it by producing "more space in time"...

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