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Thread: After-life - how is it?

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    I would suggest that alchemy is the only connect four that can work, will only work when three are attained seamlessly. The spiritual practice being 1. recognising the philophers stone (connect 3), 2. turning lead into gold (inherit from connect four.
    Well... Here's few thoughts

    Bit about a sacred or secret geometry. There is a triangle oriented upward, and a triangle oriented downward. When the two meet, you get something like the jewish star (where does actually this geometrical symbol come from?). 4 is, alikely, four points connected together in a specific way, thus forming the cross (another geometrical symbol, this time found in christianity).

    The history of human kind gives us a lot of evidences of so many aspiring ascetics who "tortured" their bodies in order to achieve higher consciousness. This is how the triangle - without the bottom part - works. It is actually unbalanced, the yin part is missing. The whole-istic, balanaced approach is to involve all the ingredients.

    I believe that trinity is a vertical thing: body-mind/soul-spirit. On each of those levels a horizontal order is also applied, typically meaning 4 (or 5 if the middle is considered) elements. Sometimes both - vertical and horizontal - seemed to be confused in the past. Balance should be achieved between all, however. People typically don't understand what balance means, what is it, and where it leads to. This is a very unbalanced society, and they pretend that the results (the Earth condition at this point) come... from somewhere else than them.
    A global catastrophe seems to be near - I'd say the governments are happy with this, then they can have a justifications to their "horrible, but necessary" plans to be applied. This global way to "nothingness" (environmental disaster caused by unbalanced minds) is obvious, and people having their mind totally overwhelmed with media and propaganda cannot see where it goes.

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Indeed, I believe the vertical phase is known as "ascension,"
    Yes - only from a point of view of an aspiring human being to widen their consciousness or perception in its utilitary means.
    Using geometry as a helpful mental tool, it is a "road" in which you can move upward, downward, as well as extend, and contract your consciousness. But even gods didn't work out moving through this road, as it seems. Using this "road" for one's own (evil) purposes is possible: for instance to enslave a species (like human kind) and keep it down, propagating the idea of hedonism, consumerism etc. so that no one was interested in things like consciousness (so they remain unconscious in large part) - to sustain their own "stuck" on some levels of that "road". It is also "wise" to keep control over people beliefs, like founding an official "church", create an inqusition, and kill and torture those who don't follow their - the only possible to apply - rules.
    Hence, ascension from such point of view is just a fragment of the whole picture... More holistic view I think was held by the Egyptian apprentices or Chinese taoists: the body was essential part of the whole process, not an obstacle or unnecessary "component".

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    The Philosopher's Stone itself is a crown, to me... just as in the west a king wears a golden crown, in the east the pharoah has no face of yours either. The synthesis of east-west is the synthesis of philosophy east-west... all there is to it.

    Now, the Lesser Stone bears reason love's way, so I find it heart-shaped. Because there are two levels to alchemy, internal and external, you can do anything with the love of life itself. Including nothing... but then again "nothing" becomes "everything" in good time. Interesting, isn't it .
    The interesting idea about the world directions comes from the Mesoamerican ancient societies who believed that this is the cosmos which provides them with food! (Where such abstract thought could came from, while you could be certain that a "primitive", agricultural society thought that food just "grows", or "is born and run away" when you catch it???) They believed there are basically 4 types of food: eastern, western, northern and southern ones. It is very similar to the Chinese ancient idea of the world directions.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote by Barbara Marciniak (Pleiadians), confirms the ancient ideas about after-life, especially what happens to them after death, also is in accord to my own observations and conclusions so far as well:

    Some people really never get too far away from the planet and when they die sometimes they die in confusion and they come back with confusion
    from here

    The planet is full of lost spirits, getting born in confusion, not for a deliberate purpose. I saw many of them: very dark area, lots of black souls there. It had a connection to... physical hospital and ill people (interesting isn't it). But mostly I sensed some very, very powerful being - not seen (everything was totally black or very dark and dim at best), but sensed. When it was far from the area, you still could sense it, but just a fraction of its power / presence / energy. But when it was back close to the area, you felt it like a worst terror you could ever imagine: power like of thousands of black suns - absolute evil. I wasn't eager to research this being, but this is what I encountered. I saw some living (sleeping) people away from that, in the edge of the light / dark barrier: everyone except me was in a big fear to get even one "step" (it wasn't physical of course) into the dark. I took just a short "trip" into darkness, indeed saw nothing except some few dark souls (this was of course when that powerful being was away, and tried to be as "silent" as possible in order to be not sensed by it)... well.

    This planet is supposed to be a free will one, and so it is: you can achieve salvation, but more frequently a human gets into a slavery.

    BTW in the video she / they state that all the internet and other electronic stuff like plasma tv (which according to them is a 2-way device, not 1-way, i.e. it can be turned on without your will and knowledge, and transmit the info about you to the "other side"), is a big plan to get information about the society - who achieves what, to what degree, how advanced you become etc.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Yes, to be confused about how, er, lucky you are must be a dubious way to reborn.

    You are as lucky as you are actually kind - that is my theory/solution.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    The main idea of this thread is to research for yourself. Don't trust the "teachers", nor the common beliefs. I don't buy the common belief that the universe has been split into 2 parts: to living (life), and dead (after-life). The consciousness should transit into any kind of experience it chooses at will, whether it's physical, cosmic, or spiritual.

    If this is not the case, I used to call such a situation spiritual-mental slavery. This term means simply a prison of mind.

    Mind can be imprisoned in many ways, and on many levels. One of these are common beliefs. Another is belief of what happens after death. Another is of what are we capable of achieving. And another is how the universe functions and what / whom "should" one rely on.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Maybe death is just life that has no objective proof, and the souls there just need to be re-kindled.

    In alchemy they call that "the loving being" vs "the living being" it's the same, although spirit always considers the living being first. Being, is a precursor to omnipotence... only if ... the loving being is patience... the living being is strength.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Maybe death is just life that has no objective proof, and the souls there just need to be re-kindled.

    In alchemy they call that "the loving being" vs "the living being" it's the same, although spirit always considers the living being first. Being, is a precursor to omnipotence... only if ... the loving being is patience... the living being is strength.
    IMHO, (the perception of, or concept of) death is actually a misunderstanding of reality. Death is not the same as leaving (physical, astral etc.) body at will - it happens despite the will, or in opposite to will.

    People believe they "need" ("have") to go "down" to the Earth, to learn lessons (t)here, and leave (die) - in order to just incarnate once again and learn some more lessons, and die again, and so on, and so forth - which I call "karma philosophy". Perhaps it is the dominating philosophy nowadays, next to the atheist philosophy (stating basically, on the other hand, that humanity is a coincidence).

    While atheist philosophy could be described as being an extremal ignorance ("I don't believe in anything, so I deny everything except what I want to believe in or others told me what to believe in"), the karma philosophy is:

    Wrongness philosophy vs. Acceptance philosophy (I'm just fine where I am here and now)

    The after-world is commonly believed to be a place of a constant judgment. It is actually a very ancient paradigm, you can trace it back to Hindu religion, ancient Egyptian religion, ancient Christian religion (which BTW borrows a lot from previous religions, in opposite to what the Catholic church wants to admit) and many others. It just came back in a new form with the New Age movement, which took on some of these ancient beliefs.

    However, I think that it's nothing else but a way of perceiving / approach to how things are on "the other side", in whatever way this "other" side could be described, or perceived. But note that in the ancient and medieval times beliefs were controlled by the priest class (dominating judgment belief), just like today's paradigms are mostly controlled by the scientific circles (dominating coincidenence-based ignorance belief).

    Wrongness philosophy tells you that you are basically wrong, sinful, incorrect, not enough, evil, not qualifying, etc. depending on a particular philosophical system / religion. Acceptance philosophy tells you that you are free to accept or refuse (translating to: not think of something at the moment), if you will.

    Acceptance philosophy doesn't expect any judgment. You decide - and your abilities to accept or reject. It is a matter of your will, hope, faith, and expectations. And BTW I was told recently, when thinking of the 3 essential Christian qualities (love, hope and faith), that basically faith is hope which is will which is love:

    faith = hope = will = love


    So, Right or Wrong? DM knows it well - they turned from the balance right to the balance wrong

    Wrongness and atheist philosophies are controlling philosophies - designed to control the masses.

    If to refer to the qabbalah tree, in terms of the effect on unconscious minds, the atheist scientific philosophy is inherent in the right pillar (forceful positivity, the righteousness), and the karma philosophy is inherent in the left pillar (striking negativity, the wrongness):

    Quote Originally Posted by Depeche Mode
    "Don't turn this way
    Don't turn that way
    Straight down the middle until next Thursday
    First to the left
    Then back to the right
    Twist and turn 'til you've got it right"
    The acceptance is inherent in the middle pillar, in particular in the middle of the middle: the Tiphareth sephiroth, related to the middle heart energy center.

    Quote Originally Posted by Depeche Mode
    "Still I couldn't say with precision
    Know it's a feeling and it comes from above
    But what's the meaning
    The meaning of love

    My Lord high above
    Tell me the meaning
    The meaning of love"

    Love really embraced, ultimately, leads to freedom - free(ing) will and free(ing) choices. Then death looses its meaning - because it doesn't exist, it's a created illusion.
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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    In my humble opinion, the ancient beliefs about life and after-life as we know them are basically flawed. So are modern beliefs as well.

    The ancient beliefs, like those in ancient Egypt, state that (physical) life should not be a big concern as people should expect a much better life after life; the buddhist beliefs go even further than that and claim that living in the physicality is flawed, and the only goal should be to live physicality to attain certain non-physical states; similar beliefs we find in the Christian religion which makes a big distinction between a "soul" and "body". This may lead you to a conclusion that living in the physicality is actually sort of punishment, you just don't know for what reason...

    Modern common beliefs (atheist), on the other hand, basically deny existence of anything else than the physical body, implicitly suggesting that you "should" take most of the physicality without any concern in terms of the potential consequences (future events, energetic impact, mental disfunctions, missing the wide picture of the whole society, and more) - other than punishing you by the law or military revenge (thus suggesting avoiding the law and building the military power to control your resources, people included). Committing a crime is good as long as you avoid its concequences; massive crime (like those seen in the 2nd world war) may be this way considered to be an asset if you benefit from it and take advantage of it, and was possibly the biggest result of such paradigms seen in action - people like those don't ask questions like:

    "is making experiments on open human brains or trying out different chemical and biological weapons when the victim is still alive and aware of that morally justified?"
    because in the context described the answer is always:

    "who cares?"
    The opposite way of thinking is that presented by some of the ancient and modern masters, encouraging to treat a physical body as a temple, and to listen to your own consciousness instead of external massive paradigms and leaders. Preservance, balance and harmony, then turns out to be a big asset.

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