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Thread: After-life - how is it?

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Yes I think when acceptance/wrongness beget power, neutrality is UP.
    When acceptance/wrongness beget disease, neutrality is DOWN.

    And you have to choose your own adventure.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    And something about the Earth and its citizens in a movie by Wachowskis
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    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Changed essential thought:

    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    People need religion, I mean really. They die - and then what?

    What would keep them away from looking for immortality as the only thing to worry about (because otherwise they won't exist)?

    Two things:
    1. massive manipulation
    2. religion

    Actually, provided that religion is a form of massive manipulation, there is only 1 thing:
    1. massive manipulation

    Religion (and other forms of beliefs) allow them to have a hope for living after their life... somehow. They need to believe it, because they have no choice.*

    Or do they?

    * Human being, in opposite to plants and animals, has been given mind. Mind allows it to think about its own existence, perceive the 'time' and wonder about how things are, and whether (s)he would exist after existing for a short period of time (called 'life-time' on the Earth). Why was this? Do we really need it to keep our existence - in the Darwinian theory terms?... well, maybe we do! If we found a solution to immortality, we would never die! This is why we need religion - it keeps our thoughts away from that!

    But wait... who created religions and religious concepts? This was not Nature, was it? The Darwinian theory supports survival, and not suicidal motivations, and what religions have to offer is usually just a vague "promise", typically unsupported by anything but an authority, to live after death... so should 'we' really follow the religious and other stuff keeping us away from the survival? If Darwin was right.

    I think it was pretty obvious that having the mind may only lead to thinking about existence - and how to not abandon it. But there is really no much support that Nature is about the survival of a 'specie' (whatever it is), and even more, about creating something like 'mind' - in fact, the theory makes no much sense from a purely materialist point of view. An animal, or a human being, is interested in surviving it/him/her self; there is nothing to do with the whole specie, not to mention the mind which "functions" go far beyond just pragmatical ways to finding straightforward solutions for survival. ;P Which means that a human being either is like an animal - not thinking about anything but what DNA tells him / her, like finding food, or is something much more than an animal, which allows him/her to go beyond just a short-time survival, i.e. to finding a way to keep him/her intact and dealing with 'Nature' (whatever it is) as a companion, not an actor of a spectacle outplayed being written in the DNA.
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    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    My autobiographical of religion, immortality and mind, would be that there are only a few steps to completion!

    1. release all harm and feelings of that
    2. love the purpose and the life it has
    3. congratulations you now have an existing mind

    I don't mind coming this far.

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    3. congratulations you now have an existing mind
    Feeling bit lazy, I decided that I would ignore the 'time illusion' and jump right away to the last point.*

    * this is not a joke, but absolutely serious
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    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    Possibly the biggest lie of all of the modern Catholic Church is the implicit suggestion of no relations between the physical and spiritual. This conviction is also inherent implicitly in the modern scientific beliefs.

    Compare this to the original Christian beliefs:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bible
    And the word became flesh
    With medieval understanding:
    Quote Originally Posted by Hildegarda
    From tasting evil, the blood of the sons of Adam was turned into the poison of semen, out of which the sons of man are begotten. And therefore their flesh is ulcerated and permeable [to disease].
    And with the ancient Chinese understanding of human being consisting of shen (spirit), qi (energy) and jing being the basis for the flesh. Similar approach is found in other ancient micro-cosmologies, including Egyptian.

    Which is essentially the same what modern prophet Edgar Cayce stated about body and spirit.

    Seems like quantum physics closes to this idea.
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    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: After-life - how is it?

    I wrote it already, but I'll repeat that IMHO it is better to not expect anything. In fact possibly it is better to pretend that after life does not exist provided that you keep focus on practice. This is due to the nature of consciousness AFAIK. Removing the old christian (and other) religious pressumption of "heaven for souls" after the physical death is probably the key to salvation.
    Changed essential thought:

    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

  9. Re: After-life - how is it?

    Have you read any of Jane Robert's Seth Speaks? or her Oversoul 7 Trilogy which is based on the Seth material? The trilogy is about this Oversoul named 7 who has his own mentor to help him learn and evolve and at the same time he has these other souls that are incarnate on the Earth plane at various time periods that he connects to while they sleep to teach them. But what 7 doesn't really realize until later towards the end of the series is that each of these souls on Earth are an aspect of himself and that he's learning just as much from them as they are from him. One of the souls is an old woman named Birdie, who lived a long life and even traveled the country in an RV as an old woman with her boyfriend who was 20 years younger, has crossed over. She spends some time on the astral plane doing things as a young woman that she had been unable to do for a while and then she goes to search for Christ. She finds him at the Gods Retirement Home. She learns a lot and if I remember correctly (the last time I reread it was 23 years ago) she learned that the gods are a created human construct. After spending time in the astral planes and generally driving 7 crazy she decides to reincarnate as female againl to a farm girl and a painter (I think in Hungaria?) but this time 100 or so years in the past from her last incarnation which was in the 20th century. Her father is one of 7 students too.

    The books are very entertaining and thought provoking. I tried reading the Seth Speaks and honestly, I found Seth too pompous and a bit of a douche. But I found Oversoul 7 to be the exact opposite. The books cover reincarnation and the idea that each soul decides whether to reincarnate or not and what challenges would be presented to them each time. Each reincarnation is a learning opportunity for the soul to grow and evolve but the soul decides each time.
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