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Thread: Nadi Shodhana meditation for nadis cleaning & protection

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    pominat0r Guest

    Nadi Shodhana meditation for nadis cleaning & protection

    ...a type of pranayama.
    Hi everybody,
    I will describe here the "Nadi Shodhana" meditation technique, it is a meditation for nadis cleaning. Nadis is the energy path/road composing the energy body. Acording to Hindu culture, there are 72000 of them. The best site I have found describing the meditation is a french blog made by a wicca/shamanic/tantra practitioner, and he tell that Nadi Shodhana is by far the best magic protection exercice he knows (even if it's not the primary goal of the exercice). I thought that this could be an interesting exercice for people here who suffer psychic attack. For those who read french, the original document is available here :

    "The nadis purification or nadi shodhana (also called nadi suddhi) is the base exercice in yoga and tantra. Unfortunately, this is a practice that we rarely found in french works. In the best case, we found an alternate breathing exercice in the pranayama rubric, without specifying the virtues. In general, the times proposed are quite ridiculous, often 3 seconds for inspiration, 12 for retention, and 6 for expiration, which is not helping at all, particularly when there is not tips for progressing. This exercise is practised in padmasana (lotus pose) or siddhasana. There exists complex ways of doing the exercice with mantra and visualisations ... I will stay with the base form, the complex forms aren't very accessible for those who are not descended from the Hindu culture. The intention of purification is already sufficient. But for those which would like to make more, you can also concentrate on the solar/lunar aspect of the energy at the time of the inspiration and expiration, according to the nostril which is used, and visualize your interior enemy who is consumed during the phase of retention.

    Here is the technique :

    Sit in padmasana (or half-lotus initially) or siddhasana, stop your right nostril with the thumb of your right hand. Inspire (puraka) during one measurement of time by the left nostril, linked to the nadi ida, lunar. Next also stop your left nostril with the auricular and the annular of your right hand. Hold your breathing (kumbhaka) during four measurement of time. Next expire (rechaka) during two measurement of time by the right nostril, linked to the nadi pingala, solar. Then reverse, inspire by the right nostril, hold, and expire by the left. This is a non-break cycle.

    Traditionally, measurements of time are 8/32/16 seconds for the lower pranayama (adhama). 12/48/24 for the average pranayama (madhyama), and 16/64/32 for the higher pranayama (uttama). It is advised to practise this exercise during 80 respiratory cycles, four times per day, to the raise of the sun, at midday, in the twilight, and at midnight. To this rythm, three months of practice of the higher pranayama allows the complete purification of the nadis. Actually, if we calculate well, such a practice would take the whole day!

    Of course, we have to start somewhere, and the practice of the lower pranayama is rarely mastered when we start and need a few months of practice. It is recommanded to begin with a more reasonable measurement of time, for exemple 8/8/16, then increasing the retention time gradually, to reach 8/32/16. Around twenty repetitions morning and evening give excellent results.

    The benefits of this exercise are numerous. The principal goal is of course the purification of the energy system, of the channels and of the energy who circulates there. As I already said in the article on the asanas, that can bring up enough "drunk" and merry. I know that many peoples are looking for a miracle method for magic protection, even if it's not the goal of the practice, I do not know better method. It is infinitely more effective than a statuette of derivation proposed by Manoury and others... Beyond magic protection, it is also a good means of protection against aggressiveness in general. But it is especially a good means of awakening. I think that when the energy system is enough purified, the practices of the kind kundalini breathing, must give rather impressive results."

    That's it! I hope that this will help some people. He talking about magic protection, this should be applicable against neg too. If somoene know a quality article on nadi shodhana, or have some experience with this, please share..
    Good day!

    Thank you Philippe.

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    pominat0r Guest
    I should add, a nostril will always be most obstruct than the other. Don't bother with this. However, if your congested, don't practice, this could lead to problems.

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    Akorah Guest
    I thought nadi's were temporary psychic links to other people? but it says there there are a specific number of them?

    with this meditation what type of breathing should I be doing out of the following:

    pranayama = breathing like you are trying to create fog on a window.. same type of breathing when we sleep.

    breath of fire = rapid pouting of breath from belly.. similar to a dog huffing and puffing.

    chi breathing = visualising golden light/warm energy.. diaphram breathing but with the visualisation component of inhaling energized air.

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    Connections to other people are aka threads and aka cords, and you read about them in the context of Huna or something like that.

    Nadis are like nerves, but they carry currents of energy. The three most important nadis are shushumna, ida, and pingala. They differ from meridians as well which tend to be on the surface of the body.

    It is alternate nostril breathing, a regular pranayama, and slow and steady breathing is good. Counting "1 om, 2 om, 3 om, 4 om, ..." has been suggested as a way to help with the timing and an excuse to chant Om. It beats "1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi". Some books suggest counting seconds and some suggest using your heartbeat. Either way the important thing is to be consistent.

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    Akorah Guest
    hmm.. well i did hear about the connections (threads) through Huna.. but I heard about Nadi's on this site: ... ch-33.html
    Within the aura are psychic nerve currents called nadis. It is through these nadis that you feel someone standing next to you without turning your head to look at him. Also, by standing next to a person, two or three feet away, you can feel how he is feeling. Feelings are transferable, for feelings are vibrations which can be felt through the subtle nerve system. You feel them with these astral nadis that extend out from the body into and through the aura. Oftentimes you may identify with the feelings that you pick up from others and begin to feel that way yourself, while actually you are just picking up the vibration from someone near you. As we have learned, through the clairvoyant vision these feelings can be seen as colors in the astralatmosphere surrounding your acquaintance. As feelings are transferable, the colors within our aura are transferable, too. We now know that our aura, and the thoughts and feelings which give rise to it, affects and influences those around us. In a sense, we "rub off on one another." A positive example is the way in which the pure and healthy aura of the faithful and devoted Hindu wife enhances the aura of her husband. His mental state is generally more positive as a result, and his business prospers.
    Now that right there sounds pretty much the same thing as astral threads to me anyway.

    So the aim of this meditation is not to cut these astral threads (connections to other people) but rather to just purify the nerves branching off your energy body into your surrounding aura? by circulating good new energy into them via breath?

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    Also Taoist energy work knows of structures similar to the Nadis Tom references, the Left, Right and Center Channels. However, unlike Ida and Pingala, Left and Right Channel don't circle around the Center. I assume that Shushumna and Center Channel are identical, though.

    The Center Channel is the central axis of your body, where all development starts from. The three Tantiens are connected via the Center Channel, and the energies of the Center Channel connect everything within you - tuning into the Center Channel or the Tantiens are powerful meditation techniques.

    The Center, Left and Right Channels seem to be replicated along the bone marrow and both sides of each bone, maybe these are the minor Nadis Tom talks about, I don't know. The Center Channel also connects in many places into the spine, and spine and Center Channel interact strongly.

    Also there are the Vessels. One running down the front of the body, one up the back behind the spine, the spine itself and one is a circle around the Lower Tantien - this are the Conception, Governor, Thrusting and Girdle Vessels. Vessels can store and balance energies, unlike the channels of the energy body which are worked in acupuncture (meridians).

    Of the Conception and Governor vessels the 12 primary channels of the body branch off. These are the major meridians, 6 Yin and 6 Yang worked in acupuncture. Unlike Vessels and the three major channels (Left, Right, Center) these are workable from the outside, through moxibustion, acupuncture, acupressure, and through superficial Qigong. Working the other energy conductors like Nadis, the major channels and vessels requires awareness effort in energy work or specialized movement exercises.

    The deeper channels and conduits of the body are more important to our psychic abilities, while the superficial meridians are more important for our physical health, especially the 12 major organs of Taoist medicine. I guess this is what your quote references.


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    Akorah Guest
    Thanks Korpo once again for the well informed post

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    Re: Nadi Shodhana meditation for nadis cleaning & protection

    Quote Originally Posted by pominat0r
    Hi everybody,
    I will describe here the "Nadi Shodhana" meditation technique, it is a meditation for nadis cleaning.
    Thank you Philippe.
    Thank you for sharing that . I find that sitting in meditative trance routinely causes spirit teachers to appear and they will offer lessons in many methods including nadi cleansing . So if you continue to read and find gems like this and then sit in meditation asking for clarification , you will learn more about how to tailor energy work just for you .
    ~*~Love , Light & Laughter ~*~

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    Modest Guest

    Re: Nadi Shodhana meditation for nadis cleaning & protection

    I'm doing that kind of pranayama for some months. I use the "Liber E" times. It takes time for the lungs/belly to adapt. I do the yogic breath (see youtube) because it takes in more air than the belly breath. This makes it more comfortable to do according to the times specified in Liber E.
    For me the effects are calmness, better eyesight, increased digestion, less need for food - one doesn't feel hunger.
    But if I stop the practice the mentioned effects vanish over 2-3 days.
    Find a good asana for practicing.

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