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Thread: Copy: Black Magic

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    Rama Guest

    Re: Black Magic

    Thank you so much. I really like how you think, it resonates with me & makes perfect sense. Endless gratitude

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    Rama Guest

    Re: Black Magic

    I myself am an idiot on numerous occasions but not in the sense of "unconscious beings" who have lost their soul or sold their souls to the evil one. I don't know how to deal with idiots, that's a good question. How can you put sense into someone who doesn't understand? Even if I tell them in their face, you're making a huge mistake, please get help for yourself, they continue with their mistake happily...I have to admit, I like fools but not idiots. If you're referring to the gang stalkers I've mentioned, I don't call them idiots. If that's what you mean, they don't appreciate nor understand love. They don't respond to anything, not even love. I've tried being loving, they trample all over it, abuse it, & think if you as weak. That's why: "thruw not your diamonds before swine". All they take pleasure of in life is hurting others & destroying others. They're not even human or are worthy of the name.

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    Re: Black Magic

    I have found 3 modes to deliver oneself from black magic:

    1 is to avoid - not to talk to or move near that site
    2 is to rebuff - say something quickly meant to suppose an alternative not that problem
    3 is to heed - in inheriting bad truth one can come up with useful good ideas and not just suffering

    These work on different levels and can have layers of depth like the chakras. Ultimately, you might say your multidimensional soul has a permanent way with/in the society it knows to be dark.

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    Rama Guest

    Re: Black Magic


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