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Thread: Kundalini & Astral Projection

  1. Kundalini & Astral Projection

    After you raise Kundalini, is achieving Astral Projection easier?

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    Re: Kundalini & Astral Projection

    Not for me, it's the same. HOWEVER, the "out of body" mode of experience is much easier to accomodate. For example, the other night I stayed out for 2 hrs and was having lots of visions of defeated demons in hell. I had been raising kundalini prior. It was not very scary at all.

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    Re: Kundalini & Astral Projection

    when you raise kundalini improperly, i conceive that your OOBe's are not to happen. the mind mode "enlightened" is necessary for this state of awareness.

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    Re: Kundalini & Astral Projection

    You do not have to be enlightened to astral project, or to raise kundalini. Doing these things are part of becoming more enlightened.


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    Re: Kundalini & Astral Projection

    Yes. I always advice people to do conscious astral projection 'before' attempting to raise kundalini. Astral projection is easier, and it activates chakras and the energy body in ways that make it more compatible with kundalini.

    Raising kundalini takes a great deal of time and effort. You can waste an enormous amount of time and energy trying to jump ahead to raising kundalini, only to fail. You may fail and give up on it, or you may fail and have to go back to the start and learn how to meditate and to astral do your homework before attempting to raise kundalini again.

    Conscious astral projection changes the human energy body in ways that make raising kundalini more achievable.


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