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Thread: The Big Paradox (you should know)

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    The Big Paradox (you should know)

    Is sanity alone?

    According to my whole life:
    - you have to be alone to achieve sanity, because
    - power in others WILL make you distressed and uncomfortable generally, hence
    - leaving the convened reality will enlighten one to their own mind

    In terms of sanity itself being alone:
    - no, sanity itself (has been alone here right) chooses beautiful truth, also
    - truth is a purpose and direction of its own IN SYNTHESIS with the cosmic harmony in ALL, so
    - alone -> sanity -> divine purpose, is the progression from NORMAL LIFE to HEAVEN

    = someone is alone in order to take the NEXT STEP which religion calls FAITH

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    Sanity 2: Love

    - love knows freedom
    - love knows comfort
    - love knows god

    Hence, love knows the truth and not a bad energy.
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    Sanity 3: Lightwork

    Light has three things to prove, with its insight:
    - respect: i am being a real soul
    - grace: love is beautiful in this moment
    - virtue: what makes sense i do understand

    Basically, where love has failed light can clean up - grand!

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    Sanity 4: The Sound of Om

    Three ingredients constitute Om:
    - love, is worthy
    - light, is happy
    - silence, is good

    In this sound is the key to the sound mind - trust in that the universe is as holy as you left it.

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    Sanity 5: Exhaltation

    Your immaculate purpose was assured the moment it was initiated. Angels do this.

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