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Thread: Cold showers and psychic protection

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    Cold showers and psychic protection

    I noticed cold showers activate pain in the body. When you are in pain, imagine releasing the pain, by rinsing it into the falling water. Very slowly get into the cold shower. do this slowly for 7mins.

    The pain that you are experiencing is actually like deep tissue work. Because the pain holds stagnation and negative energy cann be released

    Cold showers is great when you having a psychic attack it releasing the build up of negative energy in your chakra body.

    Cold water has protection against attacks of non physical pyrokinesis. The water holds the opposite properties for approximately 30mins worth of protection and until you are due for another cold shower

    I noticed it's effective treatment for the build up of psychic attack from voices

    I noticed allot of negative energy washed down into the hole in the shower room.

    Leave the shower running for 10mins so the negative energy is washed deeply underground so negs can't feed on the black energy rinsed down the hole.

    Note: someone told me the past many years ago to take could showers to remove negs. However it came to my awareness by accident when i was over heating with non physical pyrokenisis- a psychic attack.(burning too hot psychically) I was trying to treat it with cooler energy.It really really worked!
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