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Thread: Gaia

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    Re: Gaia

    The light and the darks
    Makes it all stay
    Chosen to be perfect for all
    All except the one who knows balance
    And balance is the exception
    Er, to the rule of wonder about us

    I know - you don't test for balance, you test for sincerity... and God is alone.
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    The 6th Dimension

    The 6th Dimension

    Entertaining the higher entities involves forgiveness at some stage and that's what makes you work with humanity in the manner that is decent. Just as Eastern enlightenment is all about being with the Earth, the Western psychology is about doing certain things that let the Earth be. People may find themselves forgiving all things in stages of what may be described as a self trauma drama, the culmination of that being a permenently positive attitude. What does not work, and you know this about spirituality, is to lose the workability of the written or spoken word like the illumination of yourself is to forgiveness and not pure freedom, the state of grace. The state of grace is necessarily abundance and in a certain way it is promised not to be a curse of lack, in 6th dimension, whereby the word of all has been left behind or transcended to include a more perfect theory than the old-fashioned "I am your master" knowingness. To be divinely and care about anything, is to choose with force, and being informed so is to understand one thing more. It is not OK to wisen matters that are irrelevant to the cosmic scope - they do indeed have to be left behind beforehand and that is what one has been doing.

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    Re: The 6th Dimension

    5th Density, the work of a master - from my end.

    Everyone is aware that some spiritualities are not self-entitled to mastery of the Earth and that means ways to live are lost on them. It is a clueless state of awareness, and while it does serve to bring a judgement such as bliss, it does not carry the weight it takes to understand all problems and solve them. There will be problems with some people, all throughout the time knowing them. Do you understand this? Then you are a master. Personally I surmise that the meditation of a/the master is an act of God, the God point being that in the soul of the Godhead there is no other choice than to make nothing of the truth, when the truth is not healthy. Meditation is this exemplified.

    Refer to previous post to see what comes next... olyris

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    Holy Bible has 4 descriptors for the right mind in spending time (some of you know this Voice) with God.

    - righteous: patiently able
    - wicked: patiently disabled
    - crafty: friendly able
    - wiley: friendly disabled

    The point that I want to make is that to attain "good" you must get over 50% of the right mind in - this measure of "good" is termed, alchemically, the solution.

    A little more wicked than one is gone crafty, is suffice. olyris

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