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Thread: Gaia

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    IF prophecy is kind
    THEN authority is love
    SO the truth is sexy
    SO virtue is normal
    BECAUSE love is nice
    THAT IS WHY people like people

    "I am therefore I know."

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    Re: hack

    The key to will - getting your will done - is belief. And the matter is as simple as, "do I not, want to work on myself and the world around me that I trust." You can work with swords, you can work with spades. But, you can't work with idiots they don't think.

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    Re: Gaia

    Divine justice is the principle that beauty is supreme, in all ways. Without beauty is without faith, whereby Heaven remembers that principle. It could be found that the wonder upon externalities is default, obvious. It's an experience of God. What is the divine justice in all this? An honour that has surpassed the meagre understandings of all is tragic - no - lucky.

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    Re: Gaia

    Spirituality is the power to WANT.

    When you understand, next people will "see you," and you have no issues with love, beauty and insight - obviously... be to do what you want and well.

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    It is impossible to -

    be conscious of intelligence
    be patient with knowledge
    be nice unto boredom
    be honest with ego
    be safe with joy

    ... in fact, you might find that the only thing you will ever do about others is love them!

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    Re: Gaia

    Love Somebody

    To presume free will is brave.
    To presume hate is cowardice.

    According to the theory on incarnational cycles a soul can not escape its purpose - to serve love.

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