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Thread: Question about a method I want to try

  1. Question about a method I want to try

    Can you use smell to do the wake induced lucid dream method?

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    Re: Question about a method I want to try

    The nightmare Earth sends into the unconscious dreamer's mind is generally to stay in your bedroom and not bother with the authorities. This species has got a megalomaniacal sin issue with all authority. Hence, I think the dream world is best without smellography for the time being.

    The danger of being caught is the danger of being yourself - Rumi et.

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    Re: Question about a method I want to try

    Hey ghost kid, I've never personally used smell to induce a lucid dream.

    However, I do find the smell of Blue Lotus to be very hypnotic.

    So... I do smell it as I'm drinking my Blue Lotus tea.

    This has really helped me with active and lucid dreams.

    Maybe you could give it a shot?

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    Re: Question about a method I want to try

    If you think it can help, then it will

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