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    Long-time reader

    Hello there. I've read Bruce's works a long time ago, and it always made sense to me. I had always felt this rush of tingling go through my body, I have always been able to control it rather well (for a child) using my breathing, but never made much sense out of it. Taoism and other inner practices made me believe this is what they were about, so now I look to develop this properly.
    Also, which is Bruce's best work to learn the "energy ways"? I have tried NEW in the past, but it was some 10 years ago. Is there anything new out there I should grab that sums up his work or some new techniques/discoveries?

    Hope to help and be helped here.


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    Re: Long-time reader

    Welcome to the forums Horacio. If you have read NEW Energy Ways (which is available here, in the site) then a great complement can be his 'Energy Work'. The techniques are a bit more specific than the original work.
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