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Thread: Harmony and Dischord

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    Re: An Allegory

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    An idiot is someone who needs God like that is the whole truth. Idiots pray to humanity for work. Their work is Self. All idiots are to validate the idea that Higher Self is law. If they combine with each other in that Higher Self is cheating or cheated on, they are termed losers instead. So it be, that most spiritual work is hearing from idiots. The measure for losers is victory itself. I have described the difference between spirituality and religion here.
    "Am I dealing with idiots or losers?"

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    If they won't tell you if they are an idiot or a loser, it is called "joking." Practical definition of joking: "I must be what I must seeing."

    Now according to my psychoanalysis:
    - projection of the self chooses laws
    - projection of the godhead chooses humanity

    Ah, but for the devil... Cup of tea, anyone?

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    What did the miracle worker say to the "converted?" Stay holy, fools.

    My Higher Self is smiling. olyris

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