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Thread: Harmony and Dischord

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    Harmony and Dischord

    Harmony can be defined as the choice to be natural.
    Dischord can be defined as the choice to reject society.

    Between harmony and dischord are two things:
    1. "I want sex." - harmony
    2. "I hate people" - dischord

    I am not saying there is no bad sex, I am saying there is no sexy hate.


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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    I am saying there is no sexy hate.

    You might be surprised.

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    Quote Originally Posted by Antares View Post
    You might be surprised.
    Well, I don't know what you mean, but insofar as hate can be found in the orgasm itself - no it can't... dirty stinkin' pests these fools... no, really.

    And I have hated a girlfriend or two intimately...

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord


    My best theory on harmony, though, is that the world is "so," hence the work with spirits calling it clean or unclean to abide in "so and so." Well, anyhow...

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    Another theory:

    If you plot on a scale between 0 and 100, obedience <-> abundance, ie 40/60 or 60/40, for each individual, you get their divine origin. This is rather important because The Bible alludes to it. Consider wars and the attitude of obedience, or Hell's and the attitude of excess. When someone finds harmony in his or her Family, I think the world will have a way with climate change. olyris

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    A sense of humour is for inspiration or reconciliation (leading or following). That makes joking the ability to pick the difference. A curious study, spiritual faith. Did you know - you either do or don't want happy others.

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    Good vs Evil​ is in this theme too, if you grok me...

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    Somewhere between harmony and dischord is the curious theory of the miracle worker - the "conscious fool." Now, when something happens to you, you think about that. The conscious fool does that for no other purpose than to excel. So excellence is in some way the miracle of reaction to society. When I get harmony, I choose "purpose," when I get dischord, I choose "power." Is there any difference? Yes, they are entirely different BUT "passion" unites them and thus... passion is the way the world stays.

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    Re: Harmony and Dischord

    The miracle itself can be performed at the time when "the conscious fool or the hypocrite - am I?"
    Last edited by olyris; 15th May 2020 at 10:00 PM. Reason: good morning, good morning

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    An Allegory

    An idiot is someone who needs God like that is the whole truth. Idiots pray to humanity for work. Their work is Self. All idiots are to validate the idea that Higher Self is law. If they combine with each other in that Higher Self is cheating or cheated on, they are termed losers instead. So it be, that most spiritual work is hearing from idiots. The measure for losers is victory itself. I have described the difference between spirituality and religion here.

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