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Thread: Spirit Possession And Magnets

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    Spirit Possession And Magnets

    Hi everyone, how do use magnets in order to remove spirit attachments (earthbound human spirits) from people? What should the magnets gauss be and what are the steps to using them?

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    Re: Spirit Possession And Magnets

    I think the reasoning is that spirits have a field (em field, as everything is) that can be affected by the magnetic disturbance caused by the magnet. What the gauss is Idk, because very large magnets are not healthy for the human body, but if you can find out what's big yet safe you probably have the 'magic' number.
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    Re: Spirit Possession And Magnets

    Quote Originally Posted by CFTraveler View Post
    find out what's big yet safe you probably have the 'magic' number.
    Or simply... not use magnets at all. Use magic instead.*

    * People today believe in magic potions, magic pills, magic magnets, magic medicaments... anything that is a quick fix. They take the true power away from themselves. They were taught to be so - from the child. That's why I believe people should return to magic or its equivalents. Coincidences of ghosts, of viruses, and of anything else, may be treated as a "trigger" to finally find a power in yourself, not in someone (government, media, other people) / something else (enlisted above).

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    Re: Spirit Possession And Magnets


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    Re: Spirit Possession And Magnets

    ^^ have alook at this link

    These electromagnets expand a magnetic field beyond 6feet comparing it to normal magnets much much more powerful it can protect your whole limbs

    It's called a electromagnet
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