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Thread: Gravity Game

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    Re: Newsworthy

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    An Oasis fan went to the shop some years later with a sawn off rifle. When he asked the shopkeep, "do you need my ID?" she knew he was a rapist, and closed the account.
    I looked at her, she looked at him, and then he looked at his wallet and thought of it "I am over them." Theft is a person with unsent congratulations.

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    Re: Newsworthy

    Something happened at a shop nearby = the news convened the truth subjectively. The point of this exercise is either 1. be alone or 2. agree. This might never happened hence you should think for you,

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    Re: Streuth


    Gravity (game) from the future asks you to shoot at insight with insight. Technically this is called buggers, however some dudes and she's r not going to be good! Definition of a bad bugger: A loser - he or she can't think of insults.

    And, nor should you.

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    Re: Gravity Game

    SOUND PROOF: Coronavirus and the Gravity Game

    1. sex is final
    2. music is higher

    The Gravity Game is played in rounds. This is a terrific way to charge up with gravity before the next game!

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    Re: Gravity Game


    Diet is essential to the manifestation of gravity and hence the game we all know and love. For eating chocolates, icecream, and lollies you put on enormous amounts of gravity, which take an enlightened species to play against. While this is taking place, some people choose not to eat, or to eat very little. So it were, that according to the photosynthesis (Sun is God to All) of diet, the gravity game has a rule: Eat what you do like to, and what would not necessarily disrupt the due course of evolution.

    ie, Eat for infinite universal intelligence - this much I do know: Any food you will stick to is intelligence, any food you are experimenting with might be intelligence, and the foods that you are just not "attituded with" are OUT OF THE GAME.

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    Re: How to become a star in the Gravity Game...


    In case you have ever met a religious other, this much they will accept -
    the holy truth: this works for higher sensibility, e.g. wisdom is fair
    the divine truth: this never works for lower lifeforms, e.g. glory is satisfied

    It's not in what you say, it's in the way you say it... Lao Tzu?

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    Re: Angel's Cant Care


    OK, so now to the very definition of gravity which in all cases and circumstances is "we get what we need." A lot of people believe that if they do more than others they will get what they deserve. But this is untrue - if you do more than others you get judgement. Using this judgement for to destroy people and yourself, is evil. So, in the name of gravity, judgement should be used to cause more and more fun. Why? Because some people are more fun, but there is simply no other way to be more or less than people. Jesus called this being "divine," more or less properly. The Crucifixion is a great example of the Gravity Game - He had all the fun then he restored the balance in non-judgement.

    What is the lesson of all this?
    1. fun is a necessary must
    2. the gravity game ensures that nobody gets jealous
    3. memory is the only evidence there is

    In that order!
    And if you wanted evidence/proof on your spiritual journey - religion is right there waiting for you - it is up, to you.

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    Fun is meaning - You will or you will not believe that your life is special, and that is your right.

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    Re: Gravity Game

    Gravity is still a theory and unproven. I like the idea better in terms of electromagnetics, attraction and repulsion like a magnet. You make others around you enlightened by being that vibration so strongly, that it attracts more of the same energy around you like a gravity bubble or humble bubble or morphic/EM Field which grows stronger and bigger the more you stay in that vibration. Humans are bioelectrical-magnetic beings by nature, we exist in a reality full of electromagnetism and are affected by it in terms of EM fields such as earths schuman resonance and earths magnetic field, energies coming from planets, the sun and space. But there are laws that accompany how it works, most of which are found in the hermetic principles, such as polarity, correspondence, rhythm, cause & effect, etc. To bypass these laws, we have to become aware of them, know them as true, and aware of how they effect us. Only then can we work out a way to bypass their impact and transcend them. The key lies in what Tesla said "if you want to understand the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration" so it seems that holding a vibration would be the answer, perhaps one that is loving, kind, caring, compassionate, joyful and peaceful so that you are always feeling that way. Easier said than done but you can compare vibration to music, in that is has high's and lows, harmonies and melodies, and resonance. Being in vibrational resonance would be akin to holding or maintaining your frequency, or matching it with another person that feels the same way. There are other things in music that help as well, like being in-tune (feeling connection with your mind, body, nature/reality) amplifying (amplify the vibe or feeling), creating rhythm or flow (motion towards that feeling so it becomes more regular, more in sync) or reverb (make that feeling echo out and back to you). Being non-judgmental, forgiving, compassionate, acts of kindness with no expectation of reward, gratitude... all very important in this process of self-mastery to overcome these natural laws.

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    Re: Gravity Game

    Absolutely. I have found that beyond the law of gravity is the precedence of knowing - fearless.

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