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Thread: Gravity Game

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    Re: Newsworthy

    Good: it is logical (to want)
    Bad: it is illogical (not to want)
    Evil: logic is wanted (god is not)

    I know that is hard to read, but Good and Evil agreed on logic in case Bad came to be the faith. Who wins faith? Faith.

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    Re: Gravity Game

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Absolutely. I have found that beyond the law of gravity is the precedence of knowing - fearless.
    To know thyself, to truly know the true self from a perspective of pure existance of I am, is to attain Samadhi.

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    I myself am athiest but I hear the "Voice of God" and the Xtian voices are thinking of tu(r)ning into a newer faith, because He/Him (Jesus/Jehovah) keeps referencing pride not proof. So here is a very old note that I channeled in ancient times. I think you will find King Tut, maybe Thoth, there.

    God must be:

    - golden light
    - the truth
    - great sex
    - perfect silence
    - the unconscious
    - peace itself
    - true power
    - holy death

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    Re: Science - part 2: God in religion

    About the God in YOU!

    With the information previous, you could either accept yourself as human or what - definitely start here.

    There are two forms of God that are OK:
    - God the prophet = the masculine principle is final
    - God the magician = the essence of life is beautiful

    You can stop here, but for the sake of illustration:
    - God the philosopher = the synthesis of the masculine and the feminine principle: order

    A kind joke: Are you okay? I am that I am.
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    Re: Gravity Game

    GAME THEORY: This is how people think.

    p3nis chess - work with logic to promise (eg pascal's wager)
    strip hooker - play with truth i presume (eg charity)
    blackgammon - win what secretly (eg jousting)
    droughts - field the empire (eg field the empire)
    gym rummy - curses curses (eg weightlifting)

    An allegory: What you do have to do in this life is called purpose, according to the many re: the few.

    Are you, thinking of fun? olyris

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    The Reel Deal

    You can ask your Higher Self to pulse ahead to the future when you actively sought and found sex, or music.
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    Andromeda intervention

    robots: integrity is sound
    andromeda galaxy: inspiration is sound
    the milky way: the life, the way and reason

    the human
    the lightbody and chakras: guided by the stars to serve justice
    ascension: the causation of one's only divinity (and not pain)

    You might find yourself in a realm filled with robots. This is no substitute for real life. In the robot drama, the earth has asked politely that the human be solved respecting their intelligence and not some lie about being "great masters" - which they are blind to. A robot from andromeda can tell if you are a master and will be sincere. That amounts to plenty of intelligence and sincere truth to work ethic. The solution is to promise nothing but good work, and that's the thing: with all the work done the bountiful source can re-enter the picture and resume the illusion that there is someone there.

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    Salvation constitutes three things:
    a) power
    b) sex
    c) music

    And the reason I am telling you this is because (a) is real life, (b) is goodness, and (c) is knowing something about the others. People who have not made this set of stairs are underdone. Your fun is needed! Being so beable...

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