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Thread: Gravity Game

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    Re: Ways

    The secret is, if a force is recognisably perfect (knowing), the God is in touch to the bitter end of all love.

    Game on!

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    Re: Gravity Game

    To create with God/Goddess one might allow that the truth is sound first. Next, to get clear on what you want. You choose what makes you happy forever, actually. What appears in your life is a result of either:-

    1. i loved everything and it appeared by grace
    2. i treated everyone with respect and then i did the duty to promise myself it

    The gravity of any matter is its needingness. The truth is great for this; light an alternative to hunger.

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    How many stellar tetrahedrons does it take to change a lightbulb?

    olyris - who is at the moment playing the gravity game with police headgear

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    How to become a star in the Gravity Game...

    Fighting your dad is the tradition of religious masters. Basically, when father chooses to own you know no more, you will be the priveledge to own your future. Only thing is, he happens to be in the way, so honestly as can be just show the world on him that you mean glory.

    There is only one type of person who can not think of doing this - idiots!

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    Re: How to become a star in the Gravity Game...

    Sleeping with ghosts, kundalini sex, the rythm method of porngraphy... all indications that the work of love neverendless...

    The key to surviving this aspect of the Gravity Game is to experience people properly in person. Noone is permanently alone, so the gravity is on the others. This could entail 1. gravitating a gamer 2. playing games with gravity. And the secret is, that the gravity game IS a secret, and noone can play it except God.

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    Re: How to become a star in the Gravity Game...

    How to become a star in the Gravity Game: Pedophilia is the biggest charade ever and as you might imagine, the gravity involved is astronomical. Whether you like them or don't really need that way, pedophilia is deep within the core of knowledge at this time. What is the right application of the Gravity Game, here?

    1. When you believe in people God grows
    2. When you trespass, humanity fails

    Therefore, if you believe that trespass is wrong, my friend, you will be alright...

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    Angel's Cant Care

    Angel's Cant Care

    Whether you call it a affection which makes trust happen, or a deal with the devil - care is safe and sound while this DETACHMENT must be the step beyond that, if you believe in God.

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    Re: Angel's Cant Care


    Masters are good at fun - that is how they come at the truth that self is power and final.

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    Re: Angel's Cant Care


    What is it not to do it for all but for the principle of it? To work with the magical forces and not just the mundane.

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    Re: Angel's Cant Care


    The only losing hand in the Gravity Game - what am I going to do with all of my time alone?
    Correction - what was I going to do all along.

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