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Thread: Sageness

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    Sageness 1

    A sage is someone who knows that being is a work. While some people just drink beer, the sage really seeks to care in ultimate ways - of his own. One thing I would reckon about people in general is that they want to feel like a sage 90% of the time. Hopes and fears - in other words, sageness - aside, the sage knows to do two things and to do them quite well indeed.
    1. drink tea from a kettle
    2. suffer the known

    Hence, a sage is 90% honest. Whilever they are drinking tea and suffering in silence they are NOT asking for respect.

    Sageness 2

    Choosing is choosing permanently. One chooses in a likeness to God - without ego - which is what makes it fun. I could theorise with you how reality changes, but that is not advanced. In simple terms, someone who is themself, stays themself, while someone who wants others stays needy. To choose is to choose with needs in mind. The problem is solved.

    Sageness 3

    The key to suffering well is really to do what you can the rest of the time - about love. Do you have a sane thing to do? Of course, do it with your heart and not just your mind. The difference between religious suffering and eternal damnation is quite obvious: be to understand that faith is not a bad idea, in all. Love is nice, in some significant way.
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    Re: Sageness

    On the difference.

    The difference between love and life is truth. The synthesis is relatively simple, and the rest... is history: )

    love + life + truth = truth(i want more) = freedom of choice

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    The Word of a Sage: "No."

    Balloon Theory: If you don't get no, you get yes and everything in-between. In other words, no means no, and yes means yes to life on earth.


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    The Word of a Fool: "Yes."

    Masters have two sides, fool and sage. As I have illustrated, the sage went no. The Fool says yes by indeed meaning it.

    Here is the difference between "yes" and "yes maybe"
    1. I have my own life
    2. They have their own rights
    3. Love chooses more and not less

    So, maybe some people are a bit mute at "yes," but I say they are avoidable.

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    Lead or Follow (wait-maybe)

    IF you can discriminate between YES and NO
    AND the answer is in between
    THEN you aim for YES TO SELF ("wait") or NO TO SELF ("maybe")

    Why did I say that? A master (remembering that a master-fool-sage is just that) can choose whether or not to be on Earth. Someone who has light, has power...

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    Re: Sageness

    Sageness 4

    In supposing others one supposes truth.

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    Re: Sageness

    Sageness 5

    Because you are (a) sage, you cannot settle for happiness OR misery and you cannot explain why. But I will tell you a tale: When a man believes he is honest, he accepts sorrow. And when a woman believes she is married, she accepts sorrow. Thus it can be told that the true belief is in humanity and not each every other.

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    Re: Sageness

    The snake eats its tail. Once you are experiencing belief in humanity, you return to part one and realise being.

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    Re: Sageness

    The matter of ugly is the matter of "am I loving." I am loving the truth.

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    A Key

    The sense of humour is kind in humans being. The evidence is in rats, which are known to have oversight regarding false heirarchies. False heirarchies are wars, but rats are quick. Best be quick about it...

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