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Thread: Pentagon released footage

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    Pentagon released footage

    I understand that this is old footage but newly released.
    Why do I have to scroll down to the very bottom of the BBC News to look for this?
    Most of the time I wouldn’t go to the very bottom only this time my son tells me of the footage.
    There are so many fakes out there its refreshing to get official footage.
    For ever I'll remember.
    Dreams are the doorways to the heavens.
    Look into your eyes and I see mine.
    She is part of your deepest thoughts.
    The destination is not the importance, but the journey. What we do here leads us to our destination.
    ( my soul. )

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    Re: Pentagon released footage

    I see ufo's all the time, they are just beautiful.

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    Re: Pentagon released footage

    Those are most likely ARVs.
    El Shaddai

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