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Thread: Finally saw a color...but???

  1. Finally saw a color...but???

    This AP happened about 2 month ago...
    In the midnight when I was asleep in my bed I felt some vibrations in my belly and I realized this is the time so I jump out of my body!
    I stood in my room and saw all gray lights around me ...
    then I walked out of my bedroom through hall!
    I suddenly saw an open door at the other corner of the hall radiating red color into the hall !
    at the other side of the door was only red light and nothing more.
    That door doesn't exist in real home!
    It was the first time that I saw color in etheric realm!
    I didn't decide to go to that door because I didn't know in that moment what does it mean?
    so I came back to my bedroom and wanted to come back to body.
    Then I woke up in my physical body!
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    Re: Finally saw a color...but???

    It's called a reality fluctuation. You were not strictly in the etheric realm, but in the realtime zone.
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