Hi Robert

I have just started reading the book " psychic self defense"...now I'm on page 60

I realized that some mumblings before sleep in bed and thought inteferences might be by the ex humans

I remember when I was doing NEW and working on my Ajna these symptoms got worse specially before sleep

As you said in your book I think I am affected by this entities during childhood because I saw very nightmares in childhood! so I was afraid of even sleeping!

I used Garlic and found it useful ...mumblings went off but the thought interference not! for example thought of hurting myself or some body else and other ridiculous subjects!

I read in your book that these entities are sensitive to light!

I played the game " Alan Wake" years ago that is about a man fighting with ex Human ghosts in his nightmares with flashlight...The flashlight makes them disable to move then he shoot them!

so I wanted to ask you if by a very powerful flashlight ( new technology with Cree Xml T6 Led ) I refresh my aura could banish these entities permanently?

or you have the other solution?