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Thread: Sex

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    Re: Sex

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    Sex is money or ransom, well, if you do not respect the truth...

    edit: Me, I think it is for fun.
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    Re: Sex

    Hello to my new world this morning. Beacon glowing here, the dawn has clarity. The robots have completed their square, just a case of finding some circles within circles presumably. I have called this world... not telling.

    There have been some confusing sex subjects in the past tense, but of course it all comes true with a little high alchemy and no reason to believe that you are suffering.
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    Re: Sex

    In alchemy there is a story, here is an interpretation I have witnessed:

    There is the story of a beast who married a girl. Maybe the solipsist is right?

    My interpretation:

    Beyond intelligent infinity can be discovered new things; A higher plane. Once endowed with the eternal truth that Self is Divine, nobody asks this:- Am I in Love, or am I just Love? I have been chosen.

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    Re: Sex

    Fighting and running - do what hell doesn't.

    Tiwn Flames spiritually choose running, and in the religious context it's fighting. To become a God-knower this process is necessary. Of course, you know where to find God and so does She. A couple of defs:

    what is spirituality: proof of love - it's sound
    what is religion: proof of spirituality - it's light

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    Re: Sex

    The only problem with sex, is also the only solution - what do I do but be alone? Love. What do I do but love? Be alone.

    Is this any different to cigarettes and alcohol? Might, your result is that might you...

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    Re: Sex

    The theory of a psychic bubble in the 5th dimension is an understated way to say "I am cosmic." Query cosmic sans the orgasm, and literally might not know the thing other than normally. And that's fine for those who choose, and that's fine for those who won't.

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    Re: Sex

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris
    The expression, "what is it?"
    The explanation, "beauty."
    Or like I am evil. bye
    Quote Originally Posted by olyris
    Sex is money or ransom, well, if you do not respect the truth...

    edit: Me, I think it is for fun.
    Knowledge does indeed boil down to the question of Sex vs Evil ultimately. Great wants predicate an evil that knows you in the mirror that is reality; sex is default in that. Sex is the only in terms of moving beyond and letting go of evil. It is not that sex is made to serve good (though it is), it is that... evil is asexual, and presumes the answer is "no."

    Now, in terms of communicating this metaphysical understanding, ie evil is no to sex, there can only be One. Its not that you should just kill your wife, or never go near the opposite gender in the first place. You do have a thing called your spirituality, and it is gonna be alone !


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    Re: Sex

    Yes to intelligence is sexy.
    Yes to self is intelligent.


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    Re: Sex

    What is sexy sex?

    What is ugly sex?

    Which do you deserve?

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    Re: Sex

    What happens when you lose the virginity of God?
    Basically you want.

    The attitude to "more and more of what I give and get," in the end, amounts to permanent resolve. However, basically you want, when you sincerely do that.

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