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Thread: dizziness after OBE attempt

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    dizziness after OBE attempt

    Hi everyone,

    Two nights ago I did meditation and I got very close to astral projecting but I didn't go out of my body, maybe I got half out -just the head, and
    then returned and slept.

    The next morning I woke up feeling very dizzy. The dizziness keeps going in various degrees for almost two days now and it makes me feel sick.
    Now writing this post, I still feel dizzy.

    Do you thing the dizziness is caused by the OBE attempt?
    Is there any exercise I can do to feel alright again?


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    Re: dizziness after OBE attempt

    Dizzy = sane

    Because the self is the same in each. If you know concentration, you know life, though.

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