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Thread: The ARV and alien UFOs

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    The ARV and alien UFOs


    Do you have any experience with ARVs and ET craft and have learned about the differences?

    I have some experience with ARVs and ET craft. The ARVs have seams, make an electrical humming sound and disrupt sensitive compasses. They come in variety of forms but the most common I've seen are the fluxliners that look like the traditional saucer shaped UFO and these cone formed crafts that look like elongated soyuz capsules. These craft come from all over the world but I believe the most common bases are in the US and China. Their propulsion is usually driven by zero point energy generators but some of the less expensive ARVs are driven by a nuclear component which is dangerous when it fails.

    ET craft have no seams and can shift through dimensions. I had a visit by a reptilian fast response team while hospitilized in the north and the craft had like a wonderful atmosphere inside the ship and the crew had very high consciousness. The craft connected to my kundalini detoxing my body very quickly. The craft was green and black and moved very quickly to all kinds of directions.

    Not all "ET" craft are housing aliens. There are several colonies with humans. While I was astrally projecting a while ago I ended up on on of their ships in their cantina while the ship was traveling through space.
    El Shaddai

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    Re: The ARV and alien UFOs

    You can have all of my UFOs, they believe in silence. olyris

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