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Thread: Martial arts and excercises

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    Martial arts and excercises

    First I was learning karate myself, when I was a kid. It was really fine, I think karate is the most universal and practical martial art type.

    Then I attended taek won do course. It was really fine again, not as universal as karate, but probably one of the most efficient and powerful martial arts available.

    But I still wasn't happy, so I switched to kung fu. I was more amazed with it than with the two previous ones, but each of them gave me certain development which I would not have without them.

    Then I learnt about tai chi, which as I discovered was even better for health and body.

    Then I learnt about qi gong, which was even more deeper and better for those.

    Finally, I learnt about mental and spiritual taoist practices which are even better than qi gong alone.

    So what I learnt is this:

    karate < taek won do < kung fu < tai chi < qi gong < spirit practice

    mind > energy > body

    This does not mean that I focus only on one part; I combine all of those in the excersises.

    And spirit practice is where the physical excercise meets magic.
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    Re: Martial arts and excercises

    I concur.
    - spirit is the emotional self, that supposes self real
    - mind is the religious self, that supposes others real

    Thus, somebody that is dedicated to the path will ultimately attain proof in/of religion, whereas somebody who starts with religion might find themselves running around in circles looking for ego.

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