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    practice space


    I've been trying the energy work peactices force while now. I am having progress only thing is that i am homeless now.
    Its hard for me to do the energy practices due to being out in society particularly public parks bus lines and there is always peopkecaround. It's as if theur energy field or something from the area or place or the person that when i try to do the practices my sensitivity my focus my tactile imaging goes into a holtvlikevit becomes harder to move the energy from point to point. Aldo automatically my energy and focus goes into the heels of my foot and fell discomfort and some pain like burning and pressure and it undermines my progress I am not sure if it is causing damage but it is not good. Its like itd keeping me from doing these practices and they do to say take it away from me.

    Should i get a yoga mat and wear certain color uniform to put me in a state that i can pravtice and not be tampered by people and area. Also the town/city that I currently livd let alone area im not from here and that is also coming intonto subject sometjimh about me not bring ftom this area undermines me in so many different ways like i can see it and feel it anf it affects my mind body. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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    Re: practice space

    The place you are is your faith.
    The time now is your wisdom.
    The practice you implement, should be aware of this much.

    On to technicalities - If you raise energy, you are bound to raise some suffering out of your environ. Have a drink, now and then.

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    Re: practice space

    I don't need a house for practice. In fact, best energy is in the nature.

    There is also a technique which allows you to create / move to your own temple in the higher frequencies. You move their by your mind, not body. Worth to try anyway, regardless whether you are homeless or not.
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    Re: practice space

    I have noted an effect whereby when I meditate and raise energy in a setting, say this house and the suburb around me, the land itself becomes magical. It is true to suppose that your kingdom is within you.

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    Re: practice space

    I would find a monastery and ask for spiritual refuge.
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