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Thread: Money

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    How to Create (Send) Money

    First, a definition: Money is proof of grace.

    When you are proof of reality ("I am that I am") your first thoughts are either a) I will stand for it or b) I will do that more. Doing more is creating money because it takes grace to live by own proof of existence. Suchly, when sending money, you accept the others have proof of their own and yours is synthesis. Synthesis is this works.

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    The abolutions to spiritual faith knowing no other thing are accordingly:

    - self: i wanted that much
    - fire: all were aware of the truth
    - victory: the enemy wanted it more
    - sorrow: humanity loved itself such

    I have found that the truth is a very optimistic theory indeed. In real people, with real time, nothing goes wrong. And in fictitious, superstitions, troublesome arenas... just shoot for the star in YOU.

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    Re: Money

    Beauty, is the ascended realm of reality, and as such it bears much proof of grace. In anybody, grace is rich with spiritual truth. It can be thought for/with others, on any plane.

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    Re: Money

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    How to Create (Send) Money
    There are certain universal laws on making money, or in general well-being and abundance.
    They take spirit and earth combined. Ancient people knew about them.

    But there is more to that. Money is just a form of more universal "currency": of resources. It's worth to note that money as such is not something universal, it is actually a mutual agreement in the world to believe in a system of convenient exchange. This system can be, and is, frequently used against masses, particularly by forcing inflation.

    I wrote a bit about resources of other sorts here:

    But there are even more universal resources in the universe: these are time, space, energy and your mental/spiritual assets.
    I cannot emphasize more on working on your mental assets.

    Resources are about a desired change to happen. You basically "buy" a resource in order to achieve certain change in your situation. However, in the end, what matters, is the change (result).

    You decide about the desired changes (results), and use your abilities and skills in order to manage apropriate resources in order to make the change.

    What is happening in the world now is the shift in mindset of billions from the results to resources themselves, particularly money - valueless in themselves and being tricky. It is worth to keep it in mind and do not lose the actual goal from your mind when facing the global upcoming changes and problems with money as a globally accepted currency in the near future.
    Changed essential thought:

    question everyone except yourself... just kidding

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    Re: Money

    True, you can send money to change.

    But you can't just send anything but unconditional love to "i am wrong" - these helpers need the other currency, life blood. The dogs are barking the heck out of the neighbourhood, next door.

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    Sleeping matter

    The potential trouble with awakening consciousness is that people don't need love, which is released by its very conscious soul. Now, that is a lie and the only lie a spiritual seeker will ever face. The truth is, all need love and will justify that on their own terms. This matter of respect is about proof - am I wise, are you? Well, it will work to meditate and pray until the truth in others is fruit.

    On the matter of bad fruits - these are poison, and hence they intoxicate the self when used. An alchemist knows the difference between poisoning ether (love) and poisoning essence (hate), so he always points to confidence. Evil falls to sleep when poison is used. Ultimately, and in cases such as The Lord's Prayer, collective energies can all black out together for a while.

    The theory I am speaking to is called science. When an alchemist wakes up, and his respected world falls asleep... technology. Hu

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    Re: Money

    DNA hack

    This is here and now.

    "I want sex" is the mandatory default option, thus will evolve you to glory.
    "I want x" is.

    So, for example, if "I want truth," then of course... my DNA will allow that - guides ready.

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    Re: Money

    Kundalini works:

    pedophilia is the presumption that ego is great
    homophobia is the presumption that honour is great

    You see this in your life, mind, body, self expression and indeed attitude to the universe. Hence you ARE working through this case in point.


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    Re: Money

    kundalini is the presumption that humanity is great

    Case closed, well done me.

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    Re: Money

    Lost Souls, or, "uniqueness is obviously a good thing."

    A lost soul has the purpose to be entirely true to the original thought of all. This means that there is no difference between you and them, but for the intellect, which is compassionate (as Earth). I know how tedious and time-consuming this may seem but they carry a blessing; no curse:

    "Be with yourself and understand that the people who love you in fact do."

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