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    Good luck.

    The key to this is to frankly bear without pain the moment that people choose FOR THEMSELVES. Choosing is mandatory, pain is not. Soforth, people know to be loving in ways foretold. This is a typical example of wisdom. They choose either good or evil, in fact. Interesting theory isn't it? That compassion could be a/the source of luck and evil would not be so wisely... as to stay meant.

    Meant beyond compassion is the master who knows Earth, not the evil fun that knows nothing, in particular.

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    Re: Money

    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    pedophilia is the presumption that ego is great
    homophobia is the presumption that honour is great
    pornography is the presumption that death is great

    All you great pr0n pr0's to this I say: Be so wisely as to forget negativity. And, to pursue the agenda that is purpose.

    edit: The Internet has an agenda/purpose to be positive, where humanity - of course the kundalini thereof - is neutral. In entering a matrix setting, one forgets order and enables the theory attitude. Passive aggressive, humans, more or less, over whether or not the thing is working...
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    Re: Money

    attitude + knowledge = truth("i have this moment") = trust

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    Quote Originally Posted by olyris View Post
    How to Create (Send) Money

    First, a definition: Money is proof of grace.

    When you are proof of reality ("I am that I am") your first thoughts are either a) I will stand for it or b) I will do that more. Doing more is creating money because it takes grace to live by own proof of existence. Suchly, when sending money, you accept the others have proof of their own and yours is synthesis. Synthesis is this works.
    I do not trust the Government
    I trust the God within
    Within God is the truth about the Government
    The Government is in me

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