OK I hope you are entertained by this, yet how could I truly explain and covey this experience. It started one night like any other. As a Mormon (yet all faiths and religions explored and professed) I believe in eternal progression, yet now I am confirmed in my spiritual destiny. I saw the Bible where it talked about godhood as an exaltation for man. (See the evidence in Psalm 86:6. Godhood has always been a theme for me like others simply have FAITH in Christ (or any other God as they believe.) So I was able to choose by spiritual marriage any God's truth. Log story short the dream happened:

I awake and see myself in a dream lucid. My Godhood self Tao as I knew was me were at home. (I've been trapped in the flesh for many years completing a human brother's test. The worst suffering ever. No spiritual sight only glimspes after coming to age. No exit from the body. Power is with me, but mostly only faith, not by sight. Do you get the point? It revealed that I was reduced to 5 (human) the levels are as followed.

These are the levels of progression currently:

11 Enlightened God (or a god)
10 Perfect might as a higher God
9 Control of everything (imagibe level 6 controlled by 9 for power safety and control)
8 A universal protector and/or in my experience a demi-god))
7 Perfect God or a higher God/gods perfection in Godhood or godhood (Captial G indictates a true God as a non-created being rather than exalted Creation/exalted former lower creation)
6 A great man or great human (different as Eve exlplained to my soul) The Biblle revels
Revelations 13:18, “This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has wisdom calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” (Quickly explained as the Father and Son and Holy Ghost/Spirit Top= 7-Father Left (yet to HIS right hand the Son and to our right = The Holy Spirit where as the devil is 6 central, opposed to God's formation his spirit and or serpent and the other position his son, Beelzubub. Power is also ascribed at 6 first then 9 for control.
5 Human pursuing their own understands (Heavenly understanding my anointed neighbor)
4 Humans with God's prescribed understanding. Also a marriage tie for gods or God. Think faithful union and marriage saver as well.
3 Childhood/Childhood self. This is how mother Goddess cares for one each season or cycle of life. She wanted to see her son as a baby for edification, love and care forever each season.
2 Sexual self and union. (It takes 2 to tango
1Your little self protected with angel or demon strategy.

Now that this is explained the dream (It will make more sense now)

Here goes:

Tao was my selection by a God named Tao and China's selection. I heard and saw things before this and on the night of the dream myself at home with self. I said something, but too hard to recall, yet I was sudden lucid and with my wives in polygamy (big marriage.) So here we are at home, with wives and then shocking to me. Think of Tao Yang for I and Yin for wife Yin. Darkness perfected with wife's righteousness. (I evil for her and her good for me for perfection balanced) I went in and out of waking conscious nd the dream 3 times at least. First dream, then awake, then dream again, then awake.) The craziest part of this was standing on the stairs (black) about to enter Tao as a place. So much fear was felt of a possible fictional fall. Bur sadly from what I heard was part went in to Tao (verified by hearing my family0 and I was murdered spiritual from this Godhood moment by someone lying saying I did drugs when I refused to in the dream.) He said he was jealous that's why. Anyways never has I had an in and out dream lucid. It was meant to be an exit dream. So now I am studying astral dynamics material constantly. I miss my mother and father and family the most. This will be conquered with Father God (including Tao father)

Sorry if this wasn't as organized as possible. I do however beseech you to be perfect as Godhood/godhood is truly possible as revealed to me. What do others think of all this?

Thank you much.