So I was trying out my first attempt at altered state induction. I tried it this morning after waking up in the morning I laid there still sleepy so I was able to still practice it. I laid therebtelling myself the affirmations "mind awake bodybasleep" and "I choose not to think of this inchoose tonrelax and clear my mind" and insaid did this infelr my senses and my body softening like all my senses wherr concentrated on my mind and brain and i felt i could my tactile senses better this way. The energy looked and felt more cleaner purer vibrant tgisbway sinses it was emmanating from my brain. I was doing this outdoors at a public park so there where people around. Mind you i have been meditating and practicing tai chi 3-5 years off and on more off than on but enough to be able tonadapt to and assimilate other practices so i was easily able to slip in at this state and if i practiced for longer i would have gone into deeper states. So as i did this i felt a connection from people passing by and I saw a image/vision with cartoon like quality appear in my mind of a white dome like maybe it could have been a water containing tank withblike pipes flanges like a module of some sort maybe this vision/image appeared because i was at a public park/hiking dog park with a pond and ducks that this rtpe of image appeared but it was clear. I was surprised and amazed that by just doing this simple practice I experienced this and infelt i could have had other images appear but I kind of fell asleep deep for a while after