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Thread: Overcoming Mind-Split “fail”

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    Exclamation Overcoming Mind-Split “fail”

    Hi Robert,
    I absolutely love your book Astral Dynamics (2nd edit.) and reading your answers on the forum makes me fall more and more in love with your approach to studying spirituality! 😊
    Unfortunately even though I put the all the necessary mental effort to understand your mind-split theory (genius!), I still canÂ’t wrap my head around one issue.
    From your story of mind-split experience (from 2 points view) you put in your book I draw a sad conclusion that a part of the Self is always doomed to stay in the body while perceiving it’s ”failure“.. hopefully before the double comes back with its “success story”. SO! Is there any way to avoid this bitter moment of failure of the base level of consciousness? I mean can it become temporarily unconscious or receive at least some satisfactory information from the double? Do I make sense?
    I hope it was a new question I tried to read all about mind-split till now:)
    Best wishes, Antoni

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    Re: Overcoming Mind-Split “fail”

    The only failure beyond humanity is the choice to hurt yourself. Conversely, suicidal appears to be the thought to succeed this species. It's a love thing.

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    Re: Overcoming Mind-Split “fail”

    Thanks for your input Olyris your statement is undeniably correct, however I’ve asked Robert specifically about the mind-split effect during OBE. That’s why I still consider my question unanswered...
    Have a great day

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    Re: Overcoming Mind-Split “fail”

    I believe in integration being the most important thing, and possibly the only important. The rest is illusion of mind. People however like divisions, so they make lots of them - in fact the whole beliefs systems are fundamentally based on divisions.

    Integrity comes from inside, while people look for it outside, having some ideas or pressumed expectations - given them by others. The only truth, however, resides inside of you - always.

    The biggest divisions existing today come from religions and science. The latter is obvious, the former actually as well: they talk about unity, but they force you to think that it is unreachable. Unity is not a quest, it is a state. Further more, state is not static, it is an ongoing process - as the universe flows. But you were taught something opposite, and your senses lie to you that everything you see is "static".

    Integrity of all parts of yourself allows you to expand your consciousness to those parts and levels which were slumbering. Then you realize that the only separation from your other parts of self is within, although you were manipulated from without. In order to overcome the splits of mind, it is essential to focus on your natural ability to re-integrate those parts. Really, it is a most percious thing you could do, because it is only that you "have" (actually, "are").
    Reclaim your right to astral dimension

    and question everything

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    Re: Overcoming Mind-Split “fail”

    Thanks Antares, some time after asking my question I started to come to that conclusion as well. I think you’re right

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